Food Shopping

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2011/03/12 07:31:52 (permalink)

Food Shopping

You know when you go food shopping, once a week or whatever! Do you go into autopilot and buy the same things week in and week out or do you vary it up. I know its a weird question but i done the food shopping the other day on my own as i couldnt sleep and found myself walking round Asda at stupid o'clock in the morning. I came back with that much different stuff to what my mrs would normally buy.

And another one, a friend of my mums goes shopping every week and buys the same stuff if he needs it or not, stuff like a jar of coffee, cases of fizzy pop, tubs of ice-cream, and hes got a lifetime supply of washing powder, and he eats the same stuff week in and a week out, he must use the same shopping list every week.

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    Re:Food Shopping 2011/03/12 09:23:27 (permalink)
    Always varies for me!

    There are a few staples I tend to buy most times but that's down to preference and not habit.  I never have a shopping list with me, and if I do I pretty much ignore it lol.

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    Re:Food Shopping 2011/03/12 09:26:00 (permalink)
    Probably 80% the same each week, but I always end up with a few bogof deals or whatever that I didn't plan to buy.
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    Re:Food Shopping 2011/03/12 10:19:36 (permalink)
    Staples (turkey, veg, salad, eggs etc) plus ingredients for whatever cheat meal I'm making on the Sunday which usually ends up being something of the baked variety.
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    Re:Food Shopping 2011/03/12 12:21:50 (permalink)
    Very similar every week

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    Re:Food Shopping 2011/03/12 12:24:12 (permalink)
    Also similar each week for me!

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    Re:Food Shopping 2011/03/12 12:25:38 (permalink)
    I do an online shop once a month, always the same stuff, meat, pasta, rice etc. Just reorder the same basket. Top up with milk and weekend treats as needed.

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