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2011/03/21 01:57:16 (permalink)


Does anyone else ever think that females never really have the same sort of friendship or bond with their best mates as us males do?
Ive fought with a few best mates before. The next day you speak about it straight away and its forgotten about. I dont think this would happen with females.
Am I talking crap?
PS Im posting late but I havent been drinking

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    Re:Friendships 2011/03/21 02:02:16 (permalink)
    Its 4am here, im at work, and pissed, i agree!
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    Re:Friendships 2011/03/21 09:34:06 (permalink)
    I don't have any best friends, but the only person I have been close friends with and we did fall out, we just went for coffee the following week and got over it...I guess it's down to the individuals as to how they behave...I've known guys who have fallen out and never spoken again...I'm not sure you can generalise, although I do agree that females can be a bit more emotional in dealing with stuff at times...but again, my personal view is that we are all different and I think it depends on the situation and the people involved...
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    Re:Friendships 2011/03/21 09:49:11 (permalink)
    Female friendships are dangerous
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    Re:Friendships 2011/03/21 10:04:40 (permalink)

    Females are dangerous

    Edited for enhanced accuracy

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    Re:Friendships 2011/03/21 10:06:45 (permalink)
    I've just had a go about my gf's friends as they've proper dumped on her.  I'll not go into detail but there's no way my mate's would do what they've done.
    Also on holiday I snapped and lost my temper with my 2 best friends, I'd proper gone and we got thrown out of a taxi, my mate shouted at me and said "We're all fooking mates you pr1ck, calm down you took it the wrong way!"  I stopped, we all laughed and had an awesome night out.
    I don't think girls could have done that
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    Re:Friendships 2011/03/21 10:17:53 (permalink)
    I don't even really fall out with my mates and if I do it's when I'm drunk and I don't even remember it happening and neither do they lol.
    I've had mates shagging their mates ex's and still made up quite quickly. 
    For me that is a no no and I would hold a grudge. I would happily take a punch from one of them and make up the next day though.

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    Re:Friendships 2011/03/21 14:54:15 (permalink)
    I can see where the point is coming from, and my missus tends to fall out with friends then dont see each other for a while, so maybe true, but am sure not all females fall into this category. But saying this ive known boys take weeks and even months to make up after a fall out so works both ways
    Personally Ive never actually fallen out with any of my friends, that isnt to make me sound great or whatever but i generally just let things flow so dont let things bother me

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    Re:Friendships 2011/03/21 14:58:35 (permalink)
    Totally agree, my gf/girls in general are so petty. Got into a drunken fight with a good friend last year sometime, he turned up to my house the next day with two black eyes and we both just burst out laughing at each other instantly haha
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    Re:Friendships 2011/03/21 15:06:18 (permalink)
    I know girls who've been mates all their lives, so nah I don't really agree TBH, girl-girl friendships can definitely last
    However I have only ever fallen out with female mates lol. Never really fallen out with a male mate at all myself. But there are some girls who used to be great mates of mine but I just don't speak to now. Normally I don't really even know why lol
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    Re:Friendships 2011/03/21 16:29:21 (permalink)
    I think like a few people have said it's not necessarily men/women as a division its more on the type of person they are.
    If i have an argument with someone, i find it impossible to hold a grudge against them (even when i try too haha) and like the guy in OP just want to get on with it but i have some guy friends and girl friends that will be really stubborn and drag it out as long as possible, so i just leave them to it!
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    Re:Friendships 2011/03/21 16:40:27 (permalink)
    I agree in that it is somewhat dependant on the type of person involved, however to generalise a bit I find that if men fall out they instantly sort the problem out and its then forgotten where with women they tend to smoulder over it for a while and go through several stages of hurt/silence/namecalling/bitchyness before sorting it out. Saying that, I have witnessed some men behaving like this recently too
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    Re:Friendships 2011/03/21 18:22:18 (permalink)
    I've only got a few friends..through choice
    I used to have a lot of fellow male friends but I find they all slag you off behind you're back or try it on with your Mrs when you're not out..I must be a right c*nt ;-)
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