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Getting Back Into It

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2008/05/20 08:44:44 (permalink)

Getting Back Into It

Alright guys

I've let myself go over the past couple of years, lost muscle and gained a belly. At 6'3" this is really obvious, makes me look like big bird off sesame street!

I've trained for mass gain before, it worked well, gained a stone over three months. However, I like boxing and MMA, and this kind of exercise seems to sap any gains I might make.

I want to lose the belly fat completely and begin build lean mass. Some guys in the gym are really positive, saying yeah go for it, you'll be amazed at the differenec in a few months. Some of the bigger guys say don't bother, you must choose pure cutting or pure mass gain, no in betweens.

I know the dbate rages over wether you can gain mass while burning fat, but what do you guys think? Should I just concentrate on cutting, with the diet restrictions that go with it, or work hard at weights to get a bit of shape, and hope the belly takes care of itself with the cardio I'm doing.

I've been advised to just cane the whey, cut right back on booze and carbs in the evening, and take creatine to keep my muscles pumped and give me the energy to get through the sessions.

So am I pissing into the wind by trying for both, or do I definitley need to just stick to one?.

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    RE: Getting Back Into It 2008/05/23 12:46:40 (permalink)
    Alot depends on your genetics, its pretty difficult to do both, but why listen to what everyone else tells you? try it for urself, i know people who have been very succesful with this and others who havent. You need a very strict diet to it, obviously you need a calorie deficit to help lose the fat, and high protein to help supposrt muscle. Try to focus your carb eating around your workout times.

    good luck
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    RE: Getting Back Into It 2008/05/23 19:23:40 (permalink)
    go for it, no problem building muscle and losing fat at the same time if you are fairly untrained, if you are a more trained individual then i would say yes, it's a tougher debate. But if you have been out of the game for a while i think you'll be surprised how quickly you get your gains back.

    Just eat well, plenty of wholesome natural foods, fruit veg, no crisps and fried foods etc. No need to cain whey, 1 or 2 shakes a day to begin is plenty as you should try and get as much protein from natural food sources as possible IMO.

    I think you can do boxing and MMA as well as weight lifting. I think these 2 together will build stamina, exercise you thoroughly, plenty of flexibility (with MMA) and good muscle building with weights. Just add to your diet as and when you need.

    Creatine can help but i no longer use it myself.
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