Godlike Body, Taller, Better Looking, Bigger Penis - My "Total Man Transformation" quest

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Godlike Body, Taller, Better Looking, Bigger Penis - My "Total Man Transformation" quest

Hey guys, I've been lurking a while, but today is the day I've decided to break my silence.

You guys have inspired me to finally step up and stop being a miserable out of shape dude.


  I am going to make myself unrecognisable from the person I am today, not just to everyone else, but myself too. And every step of my quest will be well documented with blog posts, pictures and videos. You can keep track of my progress over the next 6 months at...

  I had always generally kept myself in good shape, ate well and lived a very happy life.
  Now I'm not gonna go all American Idol on you all like some pussy, but 18 months ago some bad pap happened as it sometimes does in life. And in a period of self loathing I evolved into a tired, washed out, horrible porky mess! My life went right down the papter and I was absolutely disgusted with myself.
  Now I've decided to turn myself back around to being the fit, confident guy that I once was. Only this time I'm going to do it much better than before. Because not only am I going to get in the best shape of my life, I am also going to transform things that not many people think are possible.
  For example, I am going to transform...
  Yes, it very much is possible! Over the coming weeks and months I'm going to work on developing a massive penis that would make a veteran pornstars and their gaping, overused minges cower in fear!
  If there's one part of the transformation program that I'm having slight doubts about, it's gotta be this one. But to hell with it! I'm going to work on lengthening my body every single day as if I am going to succeed, and in 6 months we'll just have to see what happens.
  I don't have a bad voice, but I thought that if I'm improving myself in every other area, why not this one as well? I will be having sessions with a vocal coach every week, and will be working on making my voice deeper, bassier (is that even a word), richer and smoother.
  Again, I'm not an ugly dude. But being a depressed, miserable, drunk bastard over the past year has taken its toll on me. So I'm going to work out and sculpt my facial muscles with exercises specifically designed for me, to restore my handsome bastardness.
  This is the biggie, without confidence everything else is worthless. My confidence has definitely taken a knock, so the next 6 months is the perfect time to build it right back up again. Except I'm going to become far more confident than I've ever been before. The video you've just watched, I was tempted to edit the awkward parts out, but I thought to hell with it! Let the world see me as I am right now, warts and all. Then they'll appreciate what I become even more when they see the final video in September. Hell, having watched that video I truly cringed. But that's a good thing, it's made me realise how much work I've got to do. Luckily, I have a truly brilliant hypnotherapist to help me along the way, who knows how to literally transform the mind and the self image, which of course changes your life. I talk more about all I've learned on the subject on my website, so be sure to check it out!
  Thank you guys for being an inspiration to me. I hope I can count on your moral support over the coming months. I know that this place is going to be a great support system for me, and I hope too that I can give back and inspire some of you as well.

  I'll keep you guys informed how I'm getting on. Again, you can keep track of my progress at...

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