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Good and bad fats?

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2014/10/12 09:51:31 (permalink)

Good and bad fats?

Hi guys what my question is, is i know you should have a certain amount of "good fats" a day some carbs and mostly protein etc
What I need to know is, is that "good fats"      or just "fats" in general
So for example if whatever reason you have something daily that contains fats, even being bad fats, would that meet the daily amount about to consume and look for goodness elswhere rather than adding in "good fats" as well would that overdo it in a worse way than just getting the fat source from a less effective way?
For example I eat about 400g of pizza a day for lunch (i know, but its the only 'bad' thing i eat)
So with me consuming that alone am i getting enough daily "fats" already?
I eat abit of oils in my diet, evoo to cook and sunflower oil a table spoon in a smoothie daily and about 30g peanuts a day
I may have made a mistake and just placed pizza as containing high amounts of "fats" because its thought of as fattening, with some fats being in meat etc but maybe its mostly carbs, then forgive my stupidity:)
But even then just having the question about if you eat bad fats should you then throw the better ones in as well, or just make up your diets goodness in other areas
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    Re: Good and bad fats? 2014/10/12 10:01:51 (permalink)
    Most of the fat from pizza will come from cheese, so it will depend on the pizza you have, but you may well get enough fat from that alone.

    Better to look at your diet as a whole rather than looking at just one meal.

    I'd say get in some omega 3 with or without the pizza.

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    Re: Good and bad fats? 2014/10/12 12:56:37 (permalink)
    1g of fat is 1g of fat. Count it all, good and bad.
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    Re: Good and bad fats? 2014/10/12 13:07:21 (permalink)
    Fats are fats in generally apart from Hydrogenated and Trans fats. There is plenty of evidence out there now suggesting there is nothing wrong with saturated fat in the diet.
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    Re: Good and bad fats? 2014/10/12 21:08:54 (permalink)
    I have heard and read it can be prudent to split your daily fat intake into thirds. ie one third saturated one third mono and 1 third poly. There are a few studies showing no further hormonal benefit to exceeding 30% of your calories from fat. This makes it easy, as 10% of your daily calories come from each type of fat.  
    Although, if you happen to have all your fat calories some saturated one day and all mono the next, I doubt you'll notice any difference.
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