Have you resigned then gone back?

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2006/07/07 22:09:24 (permalink)

Have you resigned then gone back?

I left a job recently which i really enjoyed but got dis-illusioned with, it paid well, was long term but was controlling my life. 16hr working days, loads of stress managing a team of people on a major construction project.

Anyway i was at a low and got another offer, pay cut involved but i could still afford to live so i went for it.

What i have realised now is that it wasn't the job it was my state of mind that wasn't right and it still isn't TBH. I recently have got to get some time off work, on full pay (nothing underhand performing a civil duty) so its enabling me to sort of get some quality back into my life.

Now here's the crunch. Where i did work may give me a job, similar position within the management structure. My old boss has mailed me to enquire how i am and see if we can meet. I am wondering whether to put my cards on the table, swallow my pride and see if i can go back.

Has anyone ever been in this position? If so how were you received back into the company. I sort of feel that going back would be like a statement of failure and i am not good on failure but i equally dont want to miss an opportunity / regret this in the future!


"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try." - Beverly Sills

"Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me." - Carol Burnett

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    RE: Have you resigned then gone back? 2006/07/07 22:20:34 (permalink)
    not a statement of failure , you live every day as it comes and you makes the correct decisions as they come also , when you left the place that was the right thing to do at the time for you, now you know the grass aint greener the correct thing to do might be to take the job if it gets offered

    next time you get bogged down with it all and feel like leaving again you can always think back to how you feel now and give things a better perpective , its all part of life and learning no matter how old you are

    just explain that your state of mind wasnt right and that your working on it , and try and find ways of shifting the stress
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    RE: Have you resigned then gone back? 2006/07/07 22:30:40 (permalink)
    I personally haven't but know others who have in my company, some more than once. If the company are interested in taking you back, which they seem to in your case, then why not consider it.
    Definitely wouldn't look on it as an admission of failure in any way
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    RE: Have you resigned then gone back? 2006/07/07 22:30:43 (permalink)
    I left a job - the one i went to was truly, truly awful - i called my old manager and asked him straight out - can i come back.

    i was 'away'for 3 months , lesstime than some have off sick but i lost my built up holiday entitlements and got a few 'tail between legs' comments.

    it was all good as i was glad to be back , the grass isnt allways greener , in fact mine had piss all over it.

    and some poo.

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    RE: Have you resigned then gone back? 2006/07/07 22:33:23 (permalink)
    i think i might have to withdraw my resignation
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    RE: Have you resigned then gone back? 2006/07/07 22:37:21 (permalink)
    blinked when i saw your thread title because i am doing this right now.

    left my old job at the start of this year for a new one. no real reason - a bit more money, boredom, "grass is always greener " etc.

    anyhow it hasn't worked out, and i've just quit and accepted a job with my old employer.

    i think you need to be humble and recognise when you've made a mistake, and be grateful that you have the opportunity to put it right.

    the lesson is not to burn bridges when you leave a job, you never know what will happen next ...
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    RE: Have you resigned then gone back? 2006/07/07 23:11:15 (permalink)
    Ever heard of Zidane?

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