Hello Frankie NY, done with 3x8, which 5x5?

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2004/03/21 14:13:23 (permalink)

Hello Frankie NY, done with 3x8, which 5x5?

Ok, here's what I was doing on the 3x8 routine:
Dumbbell Rows
Curl Bar
Dumbbell Hammer Curls

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press
Incline Barbell Press
Shoulder Press
Weighted Dips

Back Squats
Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
Seated Calf Raises 3x12
Weighted Crunches 3x12

For the 5x5 routine:
I'm going to keep PULL the same except I'm not sure which curl exercise to keep. I need to get my biceps more equalized in strength since I've noticed my right bicep is a little stronger than my left on DB hammer curls. Which would be better, hammers /w dumbbells or use barbells on a curl bar?

PUSH day I'm not sure about. I'm a little weak on the inclines & shoulder presses. I was thinking about excluding flats & simply do incline DB presses, DB shoulder press, and weighted dips. Would you recommend anything different?

LEG/Abs day I'm going to stick with the same exercises(i.e. back squats, SL-Deadlifts, calf raises, weighted crunches) unless you recommend otherwise.


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    RE: Hello Frankie NY, done with 3x8, which 5x5? 2004/03/21 17:49:03 (permalink)
    for pull day, drop the hammers altogether. on 5x5 you should really only be doing 15 sets, total. if you're using an appropriate amount of weight on each exercise, your bi's should be pretty thrashed by the time you get done with your 5th set of barbell curls. plus, barbell curls are a much better mass builder than hammers, IMO.
    on push day, do either flat or incline, but not both - you'll end up overtraining your chest. you could do inclines this time and flat bench the next. remember, you should be using enough wieght that it's tough to complete your last set with good form. follow that, and you'll get stronger.
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