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Help Please!

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2009/07/14 14:00:39 (permalink)

Help Please!

I have been recommended by a friend to this forum as i am gettin more and more frustrated with my progress...or lack of it.
Last September i weighed 18 stone 5 lbs I am now down to low 15 stone.  Although i am happy with the progress i have made i still have the same body fat reading as i did when i was at 18 stone approx 24%.
I wish to get down to around 15% as my next target with a weight of approximately 13 stone 7lbs.
My current diet is:
Breakfast: 3 Weetabix and Protein Shake
11am: Protein Shake
13:30: 130 g of Chicken
16:00 Protein Shake
19:00 Post workout shake
20:00 Chicken/ Fish/ Steak with Veg
This is mainly how i have lost the weight so far by keeping my carbs as low as possible.  I have been getting more and more frustrated over the past few weeks and diet has gone out of the window a little but i need to get back on track.
My training consists of 5 weight sessions a week focusing on a body part each day...e.g chest back etc
Cardio goes either one of two ways with me I can either go hell for leather and train twice a day and get absolutely knackered or I won't bother at all.
My main questions are
How much cardio do i need to do to start reducing my bodyfat so that I am not overtraining?
What alterations should I make to my diet?
Thanks in advance for any advice you guys can give me!

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    Re:Help Please! 2009/07/14 15:37:10 (permalink)

    Well done on the progress so far, thats alot of weight to shift

    Your diet needs sorting.. IMO...4 shakes a day is not necessary... replace one or two of those with food, need carbs before and directly after a workout

    I would also add in some more fruit and veg too

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    Re:Help Please! 2009/07/14 16:38:08 (permalink)

    Breakfast (9 am??): 3 Weetabix and skimmed milk and Protein Shake 
    10 am. cardio run around streets unless you have time to nip down gym, go on try and do around 3 mile if you can, and as you progress (lose weight, and become fitter) increase the distance, try not to increase speed keep it around 60-70 % of your maximum heart rate. (220 - your age = maximum heart)

    Back from run: load of water and protein shake

    11.30am: Apple and some chicken 120g, just like on a plate (chunky chicken from tesco is perfect, get it with ticka if you dont like it plain there isnt much difference, has a fairly large amount of salt in but as you've been on a run earlier you'd of sweated enough salt our there.
    13:30: can of tuna + mixed vegetables!
    16:00: 2 wholemeal bread + cottage cheese? or more chicken?
    pre workout 18:00? protein shake + banana
    20:00 Chicken breast/ Fish/ Steak very lean with Veg

    what time do you go bed?

    keep cardio the same, dont do over or under otherwise you'll make excuses.

    Not much need to get rid of carbs until you're like 12 % or something and wanting to go lower, yes it does help, but no need imo.

    If you can do fasted cardio then by all means do it, i cannot personally, i hate it lol, and no offence but by you weight i think you might struggle too so thats why i chose to put the cardio after breakfast...
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    Re:Help Please! 2009/07/14 22:15:12 (permalink)
    Hi welcome to MT.

    I cannot believe you have lost over 3st on the scales yet your body fat has not changed whatsoever.  There is something wrong here!  Did you use the same body fat scales each time???!!

    Regards the cardio, I would suggest 4 times a week at about 40mins each to start with.  Going hell for leather twice a day every day at the beginning will see you burn out, get peed off with it and not want to go near cardio!  ( I know - as made that mistake myself!!!).
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    Re:Help Please! 2009/07/15 11:37:26 (permalink)
    I would suggest combining some of your weights sessions, ie chest & back and then spread your cardio sessions out. e.g. 3days weights 3 days cardio 1 day off - so that you know you have a day to relax and that you won't get burn out after the week
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    Re:Help Please! 2009/07/15 20:21:03 (permalink)
    Thanks for all your responses guys i really appreciate it...
    I think i've grown to fear carbs a little as daft as this sounds, i've come so far but just eating protein i'm scared that eating them will make me go back to where i was...stupid i know, but this is why my only carbs are normally the weetabix first thing.
    I am goin to have a look at other diets on here then post again on what i have decided using the diet above as the base.
    I am also going to research the cardio and fitness section of the and decide what is best for me.
    By fasted cardio do you mean cardio when you have just woken up? I used to box so getting up and going on three - four mile runs never used to be a problem on an empty stomach cant see that changing.  I think cardio wise i will start doing these runs again then maybe three times a week after my weights sessions get on a 'spin' bike and do some sort of intensity training maybe 30 seconds high intensity 30 seconds moderate for like 20-30 mins after a weights session?
    Thanks for your advice again you've really given me the help/kick up the backside that i needed!! 
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