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Hey everybody any advice would be great

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2008/05/11 13:33:43 (permalink)

Hey everybody any advice would be great

Hi guys, I havent used this site in ages and this will probably be a pretty long post so bear with me as I will try and get as much info as possible in.

Im just about to turn 20 (next week) and have been using the gym on and off pretty much since i left school (just doing that thing that kids do where they lift weights with no specific idea about training or whatever for example i went gym yesterday and did bicep curls and then go back and do bicep curls the next day that sort of attitude)

Luckily since i started the first year of my sports degree in September ive started picking up a lot more knowledge in a lot of areas and am not as niave as i used to be.

My stats would be 6 ft 2 and weigh just under 12 stone, i have a "broad" sort of shape to my upper body my shoulders probably have the best definiton and my arms and chest are of a reasonable size. My legs are small.........very small they have never seemed to gain any size my calfs are unbelievably thin and my quads/hams are a ok size but still quite small. I would say I am around 11/12% body fat.

Most days i usually walk to collee/uni and back which is about a mile and a half each way sometimes taking the bus if i cant be bothered to walk in bad weather. I do the odd cardio session as well in college with friends etc and have a generally good level of cardio fitness. Last time i did the bleep test i dropped out a level 12.6

I have tried a number of routines all of which have usually led me to the same result, I can pack on intial gains quite quickly usally a good solid 10lb within the first 4 weeks of a routine but then i hit a plataeu where i can train for another month or two and not see any gains at all this is especially true on the legs where i have never seen any growth. Or I have become bored with the routine and have hit that slump where you miss a workout, then 1 turns to 2, 2 turns to 3 etc and before you know it you havent touched a weight in 3 weeks.

However I am feeling incredibly motivated to return as im paying £30 a month for a full gym membership which i hardly being used, plus with me turning 20 next week if i ever want to get into good or great shape i feel now is the time.

I had never used compound moves except bench press until a few weeks ago as i wasnt sure how they were performed and didnt want to look stupid in the gym doing them. However out of luck a few weeks back in our ymca level 2 gym instructor module we covered every single type of lift and exercise going and i now feel comfortable with them.

I immediatley ran to the gym and did a leg session with lots of squatting only to be unable to walk properly for the next 2 days because of such bad doms. But it felt great in a painful kind of way.

I still have 4.5kg of unflavoured whey sitting around from when i used to train with no real focus along with some small amounts of creatine and glutamine (probs about 200g of each)

I have a ok/ half decent understanding of diet and without going into to much detail a typical day when trying to eat health alongside the gym would look like this

8am- a banana and a unflavoured whey protein shake mixed with water
10am, a small tin of tuna (aprrox 130g when drained) and possibly some whit rice
12pm-1pm a ceaser salad, or some for of chicken with vegatables
3pm-4-pm another whey shake with just water
6pm-7pm whatever the old dear (mother) cooks for dinner usually some healthy pasta, or a stew with vegatables etc
10pm-11pm right before bed having a whey shake mixed with milk
there is also probably the odd piece of fruit in a couple of places i have missed out or a small pack of beef jerky for a quick protein boost

I tried the push session of frankies mass building routine about a week ago and it felt great i felt a great workout in the chest, shoulders and tri's

My goals are to put on muscle mass but not to get that stocky look where people have the big upper body but then have a big stomach kind of like a strongman shape.

I want to get that tall muscular reasonably definded look sort of like randy orton, if anybody doesnt know who that is can easily be found on google images.

However i am not sure which kind of routine to use I like the look of frankies routine as it allows for one full recovery day between each session, but i am not sure if this is appropriate or if something along the lines of a 5 day split would be better

Any, any advice would be greatly appreciated no matter how small or how major or insulting it may be. It is just that this is the first time i have felt this motivated to work on my body/body build as such. Also if you took the time to read this I salute you and i hope i havent wasted to much of your day. Also if you have any other questions feel free to ask and i will provide as much info as i can.




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    RE: Hey everybody any advice would be great 2008/05/11 14:01:50 (permalink)
    If you like the look of Frankies routine then do it for a good while, then when it stops producing gains switch to something else. Growth in the body happens in spurts so you may well gain for a few weeks and then find that nothing seems to be happening for a while, then suddenly you'll have another growth spurt again and so on.

    For the time being forget about the body look you want, you need to just get working on the big compound exercises, plenty of good food and rest.

    Your diet looks to have sod all calories in it so that won't help in your quest to build muscle. You could easily add another couple of hundred quality calories by adding a bowl of porridge at breakfast time. Instead of one of the whey shakes, have some turkey or other lean meat, tuna/fish or eat some eggs. Before bed you could mix some whey in with some cottage cheese. Those simple additions/changes can add in extra calories along with the other nutrients different WHOLE foods can offer. Plenty of veggies should be eaten, they've got valuable nutrients and can help fill you up if you're feeling hungry.

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