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Hitting My Calves

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2011/03/24 20:18:24 (permalink)

Hitting My Calves

Okay, so i have a problem. With my Routine at the minute i dont feel as if i am hitting my calves, am i been paranoid?
Here is my routine;
Monday - Upper 1 
Bench Press 3x5
Bent-Over Rows 3x8
Dips 3x8
Chins 3x8  
Tuesday - Lower 1 
Squat 3x5
SLDL 3x8
Leg Press 3x8 
Power Cleans 3x8  
Thursday - Upper 2 
OHP 3x5
DB Rows 3x8 
Incline Bench 3x8 
Pulldowns 3x12  
Friday - Lower 2 
Deadlift 3x5
Front Squat 3x8
Lunges 3x12
Hyperextensions 3x12 
Also, with Hyperextentions, my gym dosent have a 'propper' machine for this, what ways are there to do them?
Thanks guys!

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    Re:Hitting My Calves 2011/03/25 00:29:39 (permalink)
    Add in some calf raises if you wish, i always have them in and really enjoy them as an exercise (however weird that may seem) maybe swap them for hyper extensions

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    Re:Hitting My Calves 2011/03/25 19:34:41 (permalink)
    I was looking to build up my calves a few months back as they looked like match sticks.
     so searched on here for a workout to bring them up and I stumbled upon this article in an old issue of muscletalker from 2003 which I now do 3 times a week, every other workout and my calves are building nicely, I no longer feel embarassed to wear shorts:
    *** Three Minute Calf Workout ***
    By James Collier – MuscleTalk Moderator
    I've been using this short but extremely effective workout for calves for years. Infact I use this as my main calf workout. Give it a try and let me know on the forum how you get on. Get ready for some pain though!
    Standing Calf Raisers – Maximum weight you can manage for 10 reps, each rep taking 2 seconds. The last reps should be good form but heavy enough so you can just squeeze them out.
    Immediately move onto a platform and hold onto something for balance and squeeze 10 more 2-second reps out but with no weight on your shoulders.
    Step onto the floor with no rest, hold onto something, point your toes inwards and immediately bang out 10 quick calf raisers.
    By now your calves will be hoping that's the end, but you must immediately move back onto the standing calf raiser machine, drop the weight by half and perform another 10 x 2 second reps. Again without rest, move onto the platform and perform as before, and then onto the floor and pump 10 reps as before.
    Your calves will now be pumped, but you must repeat all three steps again, moving onto the standing calf machine, dropping the weight by half again and doing 10 x 2 second reps; then the platform for 10 x 2 second reps unweighted; then the floor for 10 quick reps.
    All three exercises should be completed three times with no rest at all and should take about three minutes. You'll hate me afterwards, but in a few weeks you'll love me!
    Be warned, the first couple of times you do this you will be in severe pain from the DOMS the next few days, I mean, serious pain...could hardly walk, or drive for that matter, but it does get easier
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    Re:Hitting My Calves 2011/03/26 06:49:49 (permalink)
    I can remember the first time i did that routine. I HAD to sit down for 20 minutes before i could waddle to the car and go home. Painful but worth it.

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    Re:Hitting My Calves 2011/03/26 19:48:34 (permalink)
    Yeh been using James killer calf routine myself for about a month now.........some serious DOMS the first few times but stuck at it and starting to feel the benfits, great calf routine!
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    Re:Hitting My Calves 2011/03/26 22:31:04 (permalink)
    i never really did James calf routine on a consistent basis
    ive done it a dozen times or so and i admit its a killer but i didnt do it often enough to see results. everyone who has done it comments on how difficult it is. but has anyone consistently used this routine and seen great hypertrophy improvement as a result?

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    Re:Hitting My Calves 2011/03/26 23:58:59 (permalink)
    Ive been using something similar to James' routine and my calfs are coming along better than ever.
    Basically just 25 calf raises with a weight (i do 60kg) then straight after 25 just bodyweight, repeat 3/4 times and working great for me.
    (just another option if people want to change around every so often)

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