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How much are you gaining?

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2008/05/16 16:41:10 (permalink)

How much are you gaining?

For all you gainers out there, i was just wondering how much are you gaining every week?

These are my stats:

week 1: 62.500kg - 137.7lb
week 2: 63.100kg - 139.1lb
week 3: 64.100kg - 141.3lb
week 4: 65.400kg - 144.1lb
week 5: 66.500kg - 146.6lb
week 6: 67.200kg - 148.1lb
week 7: 67.500kg - 149.0lb

and as you can see this weeks gain (week 7) has been the smallest since i've started, the only thing i've changed is my routine, i was told i do to much and so i should cut it down, could this be why i've gained so little this week compared to the rest, or am i just out of the 'newb gain' stages?

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    RE: How much are you gaining? 2008/05/16 17:08:44 (permalink)
    Puts on the voice of death: "AHHH Alucaard, I demand you cease your attack" - Castlevania SOTN (Sorry I had too )

    I don't gain like I used to as I have been training for a few years. In my initial gaining phas I rose from 160lbs to 230Lbs. Im now sat at a reasonable bodyfat at around 210Lbs.

    I wouldn't think a small reduction in routine volume would have made such a difference. Just what exactly where you doing before and after the cut? Can you post your routine?

    I would still think your in the honeymoon period at only 7 weeks in, However, Don't be too hard upon yourself over 1lb. Have you been moving up in poundages on your exercises? Gains always slow and even stop at some point during training. However most can be addressed with a few tweaks.

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    RE: How much are you gaining? 2008/05/16 17:57:37 (permalink)
    i'm probably averaging a stone a year. although i dont expect to maintain this rate. i was 15st in march 2005, i'm now 18st
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    RE: How much are you gaining? 2008/05/16 18:05:36 (permalink)
    I was thin 13 stone 8 in feb 6th 2008 then May 6th 2008 Im 14 stone 10, to 14 stone 12 now just under 15 stone now.

    Im happy with my gains so far

    I lost 3 stones = 42lbs Im well happy!
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    RE: How much are you gaining? 2008/05/16 18:30:16 (permalink)
    I tend to just eat at, or just above, maintenance. It seems to be working well for me, as Im still gaining size and strength. When that slows, I up my intake a bit again.

    When I started, the first 4 months I aimed for 0.5-1lb of weight a week, and could get away with it. If I tried now (im at 8months now), I'd probably get fat. So the above took a while for me to work out through trial and error.

    Started at 10stone 4lbs, now 11stone 12lbs. Still hold some BF (just a smear, not too much of a belly), and holding about 4lbs of water from Creatine (im only 5'8" though).
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