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How to use HCG ?

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2012/02/18 20:35:17 (permalink)

How to use HCG ?

Hi been running Tbol for just over 5 weeks and noticed some testicular shrinkage, managed to acquire HCG and after looking on site had a little confusion on how to use. Its lepori 2500, 3 amps of water and 3 of powder. Can anyone tell me if this is ok to use intramuscular and at what dosage ? I also have tamoxifen and clomid.
Thanks for help !

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    Re:How to use HCG ? 2012/02/18 21:13:01 (permalink)

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    Re:How to use HCG ? 2012/02/18 21:50:21 (permalink)
    This might be useful?
    (A copy & paste)...
    They say you should do 250iu 2 times a week through out your cycle and your little fellas will be very happy.
    HCG constituted
    1. Open the amp (just get a cloth, put it over the cracking part and use your hand to snap the top off). Vials can vary.
    2. Draw 1ml of bacteriostatic water into a syringe.
    3. Inject that water into the AMP (that's 1ml into the amp)
    4. Once it's dissolved (takes a second) draw the contents of the amp into a syringe.
    5. Inject the contents of the syringe into your vial
    6. Draw 4ml of bacteriostatic water and inject that into the same vial.
    7. You now have HCG constituted @ 1000iu/ml. Therfore, for 250iu injections you need .25cc. It's best injected with an insulin syringe (29 guage and higer) into your belly fat (subq).
    8. Always use a fresh clean pin when injecting!
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    Re:How to use HCG ? 2012/02/19 00:00:45 (permalink)
    Recovery shouldn't be too hard, I would use all 3 amps. 1 amp per week but split over 2 injections, with the 3rd week being the first week of your nolva and clomid pct!
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    Re:How to use HCG ? 2012/02/19 14:24:13 (permalink)
    Ok cheers guys, I dont have any insulin needles so ok to use 22g needle and go into muscle ?
    Westy19 each amp with powder in says 2500ui and the vial's with water say 1ml. So to clarify I just mix them together take half and store rest in fridge ?
    Cheers for help guy's
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    Re:How to use HCG ? 2012/02/19 14:32:19 (permalink)
    I always do a subQ for HCG. You can get insulin needles cheap on-line, I think I pay £13 for 100 off Amazon - ultra fine 29g needle. But I believe intramuscular is fine too if you can't get your hands on any slins.

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