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How's it going?

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2014/11/07 18:00:10 (permalink)

How's it going?

Hi everyone!

Over halfway through now...
Just touching base to see how things are going?

Interested to hear about your progress! Been reading all your posts and some of you seem not as enthusiastic as when you started.

Let me know :)

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    Re: How's it going? 2014/11/07 19:41:56 (permalink)
    Progress for me going really well, clearly being a shape up it is judge on how your look changes but and this normally favours those cutting!

    I am lean bulking I have gained about 3lbs so not a massive gain lost plenty off my waist, strength has gone through the roof and i have built my metabolism up from eating about 2500cals and getting fat to eating nearly 4000 cals and getting leaner
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    Re: How's it going? 2014/11/07 19:44:30 (permalink)
    I was wondering about this as well.
    Keep going guys, nothing but respect for those taking part.

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    Re: How's it going? 2014/11/07 20:26:33 (permalink)
    Going good, not as easy as it was at the start but 2st off, and will put in a big push for the next 3 weeks
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    Re: How's it going? 2014/11/07 20:44:45 (permalink)
    Was doing ok till last week, actually thought I really needed to step things up as it wasn't suffering at all, then boom! This week I'm ravenous , bad tempered ( well even worse than normal) and feeling like f*cking it off. I actually found myself debating trying on a medium size All Saints top today, pubescent boys struggle to fit into XL's in there!

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    Re: How's it going? 2014/11/08 06:29:54 (permalink)
    All going ok... and should see a decent transformation at the finish line... That said, I won't be as lean as I wanted to be!... I am proving though that I can drop bodyfat at a steady rate without doing endless hours of cardio!
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    Re: How's it going? 2014/11/09 00:55:15 (permalink)
    Hit and miss for me really

    Weights coming off but not as quickly as I wanted. For my size, it should be falling off me FFS with all the training I've been doing. I string together some really good days/weeks diet wise then blow it so easily. When I got a cold, I ate, when I got injured I ate, I need to stop this nonsense. Averaged a kilo a week loss so far, which is not good enough.

    On a positive I will say that if I didn't enter this suc, I would be in a far worse position. They do give you that kick you need when you are down to get back up and try again and to keep going.

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    Re: How's it going? 2014/11/09 16:31:14 (permalink)
    Enjoyed the process so far. Diet could be a bit tighter but I am in a better place than when we started. The autumn rugby internationals are not a great help mind! Few too many liquid kcals yesterday. Really need to step it up for the last few weeks.
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    Re: How's it going? 2014/11/18 09:00:59 (permalink)
    I quit lol

    The timing of it wasn't very good for me so im only 2 weeks into a mini cut before xmas... I'll cut properly in January


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    Re: How's it going? 2014/11/19 10:50:58 (permalink)
    Oh no Dazzz! Don't quit! To be honest.... i'm looking back now and think I should have taken part just for joining in and self improvement lol I think I might do the January SUC with everyone! Why not... I know I can't win, but I'll be going along the same road with everyone else! lol
    Sounds great people! Really looking forward to seeing all your photo's / transformations :-)
    Not long to go now people... the struggle, the strain will be worth it... remember... Christmas dinner is only a skip round the corner! 
    Keep going 
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