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I have NO idea what I'm doing at the gym.

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2014/11/02 20:44:57 (permalink)

I have NO idea what I'm doing at the gym.

Hey there,
To begin with, I have been moderately sporty and active for years, however I've always been fairly skinny, primarily due to my height. I went into the gym today for the first time, and I hope to build some muscle over the year and improve my overall fitness. Problem is, I have no clue what I'm doing. I've had a cold and a violent cough recently, which I think is why I started to get an aching ribcage when I tried to do some jogging, and I also got foot cramp doing leg presses.
However, back onto the main topic. I'm a pretty crappy eater to begin with. I have nutella pretty much everyday (I'm trying to stop, however I keep bringing myself back to it with the thought 'oh just two sandwiches won't make a difference'. I haven't got a diet plan, I haven't got an excersize plan and everytime I try to review what I should be doing on the internet I just get so freaking confused. For reference aswell, I'm 6"1 and a half inches, and I weigh what I think to be about 180 pounds, I haven't actually measured myself in years, don't have a scale. Can anyone advise me on what to do? Building muscle right now is the only thing that concerns me, although I have no idea what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, and I don't even know what machines at the gym to use, for how long, etc. I have enough money to buy any supplements I may need (ie. protein powder), and it's not a problem. I can goto the gym 4-5 times a week, and that's how I'd like it.
Also, I did post this type of thing in the /r/fitness sub over at reddit, however a bot deleted it and I was refered to their Q&A, which made no sense to me and just boggled my mind even more.
Any advice would be splendid, thanks a lot!
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    Re: I have NO idea what I'm doing at the gym. 2014/11/02 21:16:13 (permalink)
    Nothing wrong with Nutella mate especially as you say your skinny and want to build muscle, get those calories in ya !! :)
    Ill give you some links I know it seems like more reading but people specialise in different areas
    for diets youll get great help in this section

    as for in the gym .
    read up on some of these routines.

    You can supplement with protein if your not getting enough in your diet. heres the supplements section

    but bringing it down to basics eat loads making sure the bulk is protein chicken fish meat etc, go in the gym ask them for advice on how to use the machines/weights lift so your stressing your muscles and rest.
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    Re: I have NO idea what I'm doing at the gym. 2014/11/02 21:24:49 (permalink)
    Welcome to MT mate....This forum is a fantastic wealth of knowledge...Follow the above links and you'll soon throw a training and eating program together.
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    Re: I have NO idea what I'm doing at the gym. 2014/11/05 11:32:12 (permalink)
    Good advice from RW there
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