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I know I'm gonna get slaughtered for this but........

i like poached eggs
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2011/03/17 21:49:52 (permalink)

I know I'm gonna get slaughtered for this but........

OK, I'm new to weight training and this forum, I'm 46 years old, 6 foot tall, a little over 13 stone, slight build with a bit of middle aged spread and not too bad fitness wise for my age. I played a lot of sport over the years but last 10 years it's just been a bit of golf, got an office based job and just get fed up of being out of shape now and then so I go on a binge of cycling/rowing for a few months to get back into a comfortable level of fitness/weight then let it go again.
I joined a gym with my son a while back but he lasted 3 weeks and gave it up (bone idle), but I've carried on on my own, got bored with cycling, rowing etc so I went onto weights about 8 weeks ago and I'm really enjoying it, lost a bit of lard, put on a little bit of muscle, feel a lot better.
Started off doing what I felt like when I felt like it and kind of drifted into the following routine, start with 3x6, then 3x8, then 3x10, then back to 3x6 with increased weight, the idea of that is to promote continuous improvement, add variety and have a new challenge every time I go to the gym.
Monday - Rowing speed intervals (8x500m week1, 5x1000m week2, 250/500/750/1000/750/500/200m pyramid week3)
Tuesday - Gym weights 
Smith Dead Lift, Leg Extension, Standing Calf Raise, Lever Bench Press, Chest Press, Pectoral Press, Tricep Pushdown, Close Grip Lat Pulldown, Rear Lat Pulldown, Front Overhead Shoulder Press, Lateral Dumbel raise, Front Dumbel raise, Dumbell Bicep Curl, EZ Barbell Bicep Curl,  
Wednesday - Rowing endurance intervals (4x1500m week1, 3x2000m week2, 2500/2000/1500m week3)
Thursday - Gym weights 
Leg Press, Leg Curl, Dumbell Bench Press, Chest Press, Dumbell Fly, Tricep Pushdown, Close Grip Lat Pulldown, Front Lat Pulldown, Rear Overhead Shoulder Press, Bent Over Barbell Row, Upright Barbell Row, Lateral Dumbel raise, Front Dumbel raise, Barbell Bicep Curl,
Friday - Rowing distance piece/recovery piece (6000-10000m)
 Saturday - Gym weights 
Smith Squat, Leg Extension, Close Grip Lat Pulldown, Smith Bench Press, Chest Press, Front Overhead Dumbell Press, Dumbell Fly, Dumbell Pullover, Seated Dumbell Tricep, Extension, Tricep Pushdown, Seated Row, Lateral Dumbel raise, Front Dumbel raise, Dumbell Bicep Curl,  
Sunday - Rest and game of golf
Now I realise this is probably far from ideal but I just wanted to get some experience and confidence lifting weights to start with.
What I want to do know is get a bit of meat on and trim down so I look and feel good for the beach for my holiday first week in June, so I am looking for a 10 week plan short term. I'm not dumb, I know 10 weeks isn't long and I can't expect miracles.
Areas I need to focus on are, arms (weedy) chest and shoulders (not as bad) and gut reduction (just a bit flabby), my legs are and always have been pretty good but I know that they need working too.
I would really appreciate any constructive criticism (and good quality piss taking) about my routine now and suggestions to help attain my 10 week goal of not getting sand kicked in my face on holiday.
I'm happy to do 3 nights a week in the gym plus any cardio etc as required (got a Concept 2 rower and spin bike in my garage).
If anyone has stayed awake through that lot and can suggest a decent routine I'd be wiling to give it a go.

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    Re:I know I'm gonna get slaughtered for this but........ 2011/03/18 08:35:45 (permalink)
    Mate that routine is shocking!  The exercise selection is way off & doing 15 or so exercises per session is way way too much.  You're making the classic beginner's mistake of focusing on the arms. 
    You need to ditch all the isolation work, get the hell away from the Smith machine, and learn (ideally by getting someone who knows what they're doing to show you) the big compound lifts e.g. deadlift, squat, bench, rows, overhead press.  Check out some of the stickied threads for a simple routine based on the above.
    Another massive issue you need to sort out is your diet.  What's it like?
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    Re:I know I'm gonna get slaughtered for this but........ 2011/03/18 09:31:18 (permalink)
    Start from scratch with a tried and tested routine.
    Hope you prove to your son that he missing out. Give him a front row ticket to the gun show!! 
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    Re:I know I'm gonna get slaughtered for this but........ 2011/03/18 09:35:06 (permalink)
    Get on Starting Strength
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