Increasing training intensity/frequency

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2009/08/01 18:47:47 (permalink)

Increasing training intensity/frequency

Hi, I currently work out three days a week, and I have done for a long time now, with exercise shifting every so often. 

Day1: chest tris shoulders abs
Day2: back biceps abs
Day3: legs abs

I do one compound exercise on each area and then a superset immediately after. Unless I'm working my biceps for example, I just do multiple curls then a superset of preacher curls or something.
I don't think I've hit a plateau, but I just think I'm not working out enough, I feel I could do more instead of waiting a week to revisit a muscle group. I've done my research, my diet is on the ball (enough calories, enough protein, multi-vits, vit c, EFAs etc) but I really feel I could and I want to do more.
I know you're supposed to leave around 24-48 hours in between workouts of a particular area (apart from abs, as they recover quite quickly (?)) but I would like to work my chest, back, tries, biceps etc twice a week. I'm thinking about (4-5 days a week):

Day1: chest  tris shoulders abs
Day2: back biceps abs
Day3: legs back abs
Day4: chest tris abs
Day5: biceps shoulders abs

Should I do that? What should I change?
I know this is probably overkill and over training, but 'serious' bodybuilders seem to do routines like this, I see a lot of huge guys at the gym who are always at the gym working out, so why has it worked for them? 

I know all about muscle breakdown and how muscles grow. But at the moment, I'm wanting to experiment with a hardcore routine.

I'm looking for some help in tailoring the outline for my 4-5 days then I'll fill out the exercises. 
A question, can I do the bench press on Day 1 (say Tuesday) then again on Day 4 (say Friday)?

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    Re:Increasing training intensity/frequency 2009/08/02 20:20:16 (permalink)
    Day1: chest  tris shoulders abs
    Day2: back biceps abs
    Day3: legs back abs
    Day4: chest tris abs
    Day5: biceps shoulders abs

    personally looking at it i would say its a bit ott. i do
    day1 chest + tri
    day2 back + bi
    day3 shoulders+ traps
    day4 legs + abs
    day 5 i do full body work out then 1/2 days off.

    why abs so much? remember they are like any other muscle they need pleanty of rest like any other muscle.   i would do them a max of every other day.
    what i have laid out personally works for me. the main thing though is makeing sure your pushing yourself hard at all times and eating well + getting plenty of rest then you should progress

    if you would like to follow the routine you have set out. just make sure you are leaving the maximum amount of time possible between workouts on particular muscle groups if that makes sense.

    Hope i was of atleast some help.
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