Inducing Hypertrophy..Fast or slow reps?

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2011/03/23 05:55:25 (permalink)

Inducing Hypertrophy..Fast or slow reps?

With my workout routine I've been concentrating on slow negatives and fast positives..
I'm not sure if this is optimal for hypertrophy...
I was doing a 5x5 routine and counted 3 down and 1 up for each rep.. The more I read the more I realize that this is a strength building routine and not a hypertrophic type routine..
I've changed my workout and I'm now doing 4x8...but I'm a bit unsure of how I should go about this...
Should I be explosive/fast(albeit as controlled as possible) or should I continue to concentrate on the eccentric portion of the excercises by lowering the weights slowly..

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    Re:Inducing Hypertrophy..Fast or slow reps? 2011/03/23 08:42:23 (permalink)
    i tend to go for about 2 down 2 up, or around that time frame anyway.
    Personally though dont think it will play a huge role, as long as youre training and diet are good

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    Re:Inducing Hypertrophy..Fast or slow reps? 2011/03/23 11:10:50 (permalink)
    The overload stimulus is often more likely to stimulate hypertrophy, if there is enough nutrients and rest.

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    Re:Inducing Hypertrophy..Fast or slow reps? 2011/03/23 11:43:18 (permalink)
    Just be controlled but powerfull. Certanly no need to count anything for the most part anyway, or lower very slowly during the yeilding phase.
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    Re:Inducing Hypertrophy..Fast or slow reps? 2011/03/23 11:51:25 (permalink)
    Eccentric 2-3 secs, concentric 1 sec...... so a combination of slowish and controlled and explosive.  You're always stronger on the negative so why not train it and make the most of a workout recruiting more fibres with a good controlled negative.
    Recruiting fast twitch fibres is the key to hypertrophy as these are the ones that will increase in size more quickly compared to a slow twitch, or fast oxidative glycolytic fibre..  Theres loads of arguments and training styles out there and different ones work for each person, so try a few different styles and see what works for you.

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