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Ingredients in pre-wo supps

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2009/08/01 19:37:11 (permalink)

Ingredients in pre-wo supps

If you look at the ingredients of any of those pre-wo supps like NaNO Vapor or NO Shotgun, it tells you what's in it, as in it tells you that it contains Taurine, Caffeine, L-Tyrosine, Creatine, Beta-Alanine, L-Arginine and so on, but it doesn't tell you how much of each of these ingredients the product contains.

For example: http://store.bsnonline.net/supplement_facts/noxplode.html

It just says that NO Xplode contains 18,000mg of 'NO Xplode Proprietary Blend', and then goes on to give a breakdown of what that contains, but doesn't tell you how much of each.

So I have two questions I guess, firstly does anybody know if there's any way of finding out the actual dosage of the ingredients in products like this? And secondly, does anybody know what the typical dosage would be in these products? I'm guessing around 3g Taurine, 100mg Caffeine, 5g Beta-Alanine maybe, but I wouldn't have a clue as to the dosage of any of the other ingredients.

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    Re:Ingredients in pre-wo supps 2009/08/01 19:46:16 (permalink)
    Couldn't tell you mate - But if you could find out you'd save an absolute fortunce.  Hence the reason you probably won't lol.

    I'll watch with interest on this thread!
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    Re:Ingredients in pre-wo supps 2009/08/02 00:37:45 (permalink)
    ive enquired before in the past ...
    basiaclly .. no one will know apart fromthe patent holders because its suppose to be "secret" so companys cant duplicate the exact ingredients.

    i believe this is the case anyway ..
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    Re:Ingredients in pre-wo supps 2009/08/02 01:15:37 (permalink)
    actually there is a way of knowing.

    In australia you MUST break down what is in your product and how much.

    So go onto a worldwide board like bb.com. there is even a specific thread where you can ask australian members what the breakdown of ingrediants is.

    I got it for superpump and whiteflood.
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    Re:Ingredients in pre-wo supps 2009/08/02 13:15:30 (permalink)
    I seriously doubt you could find out as theres a reason they have not told us, i find many pre wo supplements may contain useful ingrediants but there dosed to be pretty ineffective ie dosed lower and they just stick them in for the formula to look good.

    Interesting Zaffy could you tell us the breakdown of them two?
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    Re:Ingredients in pre-wo supps 2009/08/02 13:28:18 (permalink)
    most pre workout supplement hide the ingredient breakdown behind the phrase 'propriety blend' my guess is that alot of that will be dextrose, maltrodextrin and caffeine and a few other tid bits.
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    Re:Ingredients in pre-wo supps 2009/08/03 19:18:25 (permalink)
    We all know the sups companies steal off each other - if I launched a supplement, I'd put it in a prop blend because I wouldn't want to go to the trouble of creating something really good...only for it to be ripped off a week later.

    You may get the full ingredient breakdown from the Aus bottles but please bear in mind that sups can be different dependant on where in the world they're sold due to different legal restrictions - e.g. Lipo-6 in the UK doesn't contain Yohimbe (since it's banned), but it does in the US. Same with Hydroxycut Hardcore.

    Not sure what restrictions may be on the pre-workout sups, but you do find some weird ones from time to time lol!

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    Re:Ingredients in pre-wo supps 2009/08/20 14:11:29 (permalink)
    Although by law the full ingredients need to be disclosed when importing products no company would want these disclosed in public for the reasons outlined.

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