Is 22 too young for dbol?

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2015/03/06 12:10:32 (permalink)

Is 22 too young for dbol?

Hey guys, so I have read almost all the forums and book but always mixed views on dbol oral cycle and its safety for my age etc. can you guys help me with this? My stats are age 21 turning 22 in a month or two and been training for almost 4 years. Stats are 
weight: 176 lbs
bf%: 5.5
it seems like it's impossible to get further development as a natty other than strength increments. And yess I do count my calories everyday and I like to do so but it seems like it has reached its peak and does not develop anymore past half year or so other than fat. So I read on a book that recommends pyramiding oral dbol with Nolva everyday just in case and then doing pct as well for 8 weeks. Would this be really detrimental for my because of my age? Yes I know a lot of water gain will happen but so what? You can't loose the muscle that you worked hard for unless you get really huge which can't happen with this cycle and would take years more hard work and dedication and need the support of steroids to keep them. So can you guys please help me out with deciding especially clarifying important points with the age factor. And what would you guys recommend for pct? cause as i have stated i am thinking nolvadex everyday with dbol (10mg) just in-case. And when done, i was considering
1st day: 60 mg
2-11: 40 mg
12-21: 20 mg

i would also like to know how much weight did you guys gain and how much were you able to keep? did you pct? did you workout as hard as possible while trying to be accurately as possible with calories? And my other question is for all is, would people who see me everyday take notice of this weight fluctuation and go like wtf is going on?And as for the occupation if you guys may ask, I am a med student. So I would appreciate if you guys let me know if this would or could affect my studying as well. Thx for taking your time to help, really appreciate it 

And no i don't look small unless i wear a sweater....honestly i "stop" myself from eating. I love to eat, hence that's why i count the calories... from gaining extra fat, and i am pretty good at it. When i don't count, which i tried few times when i go back to my parents house, i gain around 2-3 kg in less than a week. And yeah that's my problem i started to go on this route to look "big". now i look shredded and beach ready, get asked for help on bodybuilding from everyone that meets me (unless i wear a sweater or longshirt, cause than i look small af ) maybe good for a natty model but... i don't like it and i don't want to get fat either for a lot of health reasons. Thus, as a natty you CANT be BIG and LEAN as in low bf not around 10-15%, its a fkin lie, you just cant. maybe 1 in a million and i still highly doubt it. Biggest things i am scared of in dbol cycle is: ruining natural test levels permanently (is it possible?), and my parents and friends saying wtf is going on (as in, does water weight come of ridiculously fast?), cause as a med student, i know they will judge me really harshly as i always advocate "health" first :P

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    Re: Is 22 too young for dbol? 2015/03/06 12:45:36 (permalink)
    Hi mate, quick question? I know you said you count your calories etc but how clean is your diet? You mentioned that you seem to gain alot of fat easily hence why you count calories? Could you not clean up your diet as 80kg at 6.2 seems relatively light to me?
    Im around 5.7, 5.8 (I know I'm short) but I'm not far off 80kg's and I'm fairly lean.
    In terms on the advice regarding your dbol cycle I'm probably not the best person to give advice on that, the more experienced guys will give you that and listen to them, they know what they're talking about.
    Good luck mate.
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    Re: Is 22 too young for dbol? 2015/03/06 17:10:21 (permalink)
    22 years old, bf 5.5%, 6'2", weight 176lbs.....Dude you ain't eating enough FACT!
    There's no way on gods earth at that age with all your own natural test pumping around you've reached your genetic limit FACT 2
    Tbh i'd wait a couple more years... sort ya diet, eat bigger, train harder and rest longer.
    If you do go down the Dbol route then i'd run 40mg ed (no need to pyramid) split morning and evening for 6 weeks, start your pct (yes you need a pct) the next day after your last dose.
    Yes people will notice a big difference in your body size n shape...with a good pct, diet n solid training you should hang on to at least half your gains....as to what you'll gain/loose it's totally personal n dependent on the things i've listed above (diet, training, rest etc) 
    As for personal experience then...I gained loads, lost some (no pct protocols in those days)...twas way too many years ago to remember exact figures but I loved my first Dbol cycle n i've never looked back.
    Good luck 

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    Re: Is 22 too young for dbol? 2015/03/06 18:38:08 (permalink)
    5.5% is virtually contest condition

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    Re: Is 22 too young for dbol? 2015/03/08 11:34:12 (permalink)
    yeh agreed - eat more lots more!
    i'm 6'3" and am currently 206lbs and have been 248 even on cycle you need to eat like crazy so give it a go without the gear and see what you can achieve 
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    Re: 2015/03/08 20:19:02 (permalink)
    People under estimate the fact that food will help more than simply taking gear at such a young age.

    You are so light, eat, eat and eat.

    Once you've learned this art apply it for a while, train hard and make some natural progress before steroids.

    Also consider that you have plenty of natural testosterone to utilize at your age.

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    Re: 2015/03/10 09:59:25 (permalink)
    I was 24 wen I first took steroids and I convinced myself I couldn't progress anymore because I was a HARDGAINER and needed steroids get me thru this barrier, obviously the bigger u want to be the more u got to eat (like an engine the bigger the engine the more fuel it needs to take over) my first cycle I gained 14pounds in the first 2weeks with dbol and test at 400 I luv dbol its bin in every cycle I've been on so far, I stopped taking dianbol early in my last cycle coz I was getting aggressive and just being a proper nob, weird coz I'm normaly fine taking them, so fuk nows wot that was about, think its pointless taking dbol on its own I would rather run just test for my first cycle.
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