LockedIssues surrounding the negative board atmosphere

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2011/04/06 22:58:55 (permalink)

Issues surrounding the negative board atmosphere

We, the owners and mod team, have noticed that of late there has been a bit of a negative atmosphere on MT.  This is mainly in General though it has spread to other forums.  It's been brought about mainly by continual jibes made at the expense of other members.

MT is over 10 years old and, in our considerable experience, we go through these cyclical trends of it getting a bit negative for a while.  These trends are usually lead by just 3-4 members pushing the boundaries little by little, the mods then act and are told to 'lighten up'; however, today's issues (which some will be aware of) clearly illustrate the need for hard-line moderating.
So, how do we deal with these negative-periods?  We have a short period of extra-hard line moderating, ban the main problem members and send a polite and sometimes formal warning to others who have enflammed the issues. If these members do not heed the friendly advice, then they too will be banned.  However, I'm confident that I can turn these members around (it's worked before) and they can enjoy the forum, as well allowing others to enjoy the forum, as it's meant to be enjoyed.
Banning may seem extreme; but we need to consider the negative impact these guys are having.  Afterall, they have been warned before.  Illustrated by today's issue, we've had members tell us they do not want to post anymore.  But how many do not tell us that they're choosing not to post any more?  We have to act for the good of the forum and, while the banned members may be popular with a few other members, it's simply a case of weighing up pros and cons.
Usually, we consider our actions and discuss things for a while as a mod team.  However, due to tonight's issues, it has brought more urgency and I've had to act swiftly tonight.
For the record, Dazc's thread (now moved) should not have been posted in public; although it did serve to highlight some members' opinions, it was a negative thread for MT and simply brought urgency to an issue which could have been (and would have been) dealt with in a couple of days.  Daz has been notified about this and the mod team have been instructed to lock such threads asap should they happen again.
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