Jazzing up tuna

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2009/07/21 14:23:49 (permalink)

Jazzing up tuna

What do people think of tuna as a protein source? I have had people say to me in the gym thats its not great however I see a lot of people on here having it.

I am thinking of giving it a go but I need to change the flavour - anyoen got any ideas for jazzingit up (besides the classic sweetcorn mayo)

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    Re:Jazzing up tuna 2009/07/21 14:30:13 (permalink)
    Personaly I can't stand the stuff but i worked with a bloke that had 2 or 3 of the baby tins a day as part of his diet, has done for years.

    you could try mixing it with some natural Greek yougurt with some chilli flakes. I've even tried this and found it ok (bare in mind i can't stand fish).

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    Re:Jazzing up tuna 2009/07/21 15:11:23 (permalink)
    Tuna is amazing, imo a very good protein source!

    I ussually take 1 or 2 of the small tins and mix it with a salad consisting of lettuce/tomatoes/celary/cucummbers etc then drizzle a very little bit of low fat salad cream on to get some carbs (possibly using half a slice bread in substitue for the salad cream) - some black pepper and your ready to go!

    Rough guide: http://www.nutritiondat...hellfish-products/4146/2


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    Re:Jazzing up tuna 2009/07/21 16:59:06 (permalink)
    Some people think i'm crazy for this one, but i often eat tuna mixed with beans and a tad of grated cheese if i'm feeling outragous! With this you'll be getting alot of protein,  carbs + other goodies and taste good imo, normally eat it post workout.
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    Re:Jazzing up tuna 2009/07/21 21:31:50 (permalink)
    I mix it with far too much full fat mayo, but I enjoy it and I factor the fat into my diet.  I also add a bit of garlic infused olive oil and even a tiny drop seems to really make a difference.
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    Re:Jazzing up tuna 2009/07/22 14:52:54 (permalink)
    Coronation Tuna is the key for me....
    low fat mayo or natural yoghurt, tuna and curry powder.
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    Re:Jazzing up tuna 2009/07/22 15:42:16 (permalink)
    I eat it out of the can most of the time, otherwise I just chuck it in a salad or mix it up with some couscous made with a tiny amount of butter and some olive oil. Or both.
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    Re:Jazzing up tuna 2009/07/22 16:08:19 (permalink)
    I know a guy who eats tuna with some rivita and different flavoured spreads.

    Tuna with soy sauce is nice too.
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    Re:Jazzing up tuna 2009/07/22 16:46:08 (permalink)
    i dont really like tuna on its own but mix it with some mayo and peanuts and have it with pasta or rice
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    Re:Jazzing up tuna 2009/07/22 16:52:29 (permalink)
    beetroot and cottage cheese or quark for me
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    Re:Jazzing up tuna 2009/07/22 17:56:44 (permalink)
    i have 4-5 tins a day mate, 35protien each,  vinagar and pepper are alright, it gets sickly if the add too much flavour imo
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