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2019/01/18 12:17:54 (permalink)

Keto Diet

Hi all

A little confused about the keto diet. I’m wanting to start it to see how I well I can adapt to it. I’ve done a lot of reading on how it works so I know they basics. Waht I am stuck with is how much I should be consuming in terms of calories.

Generally I’m not one to really control my diet and I basically eat what I want in moderation however I do log it via MyFitnessPal and generally when I’m losing weight I configure the app and it generates how many calls I should consume to lose weight.

So the keto diet. I was planning on doing 70% Fat, 20% Protein and 10% carbs to start with... so do I basically use the app to calculate my calories but use macro nutrients to calculate the intake of fat, protein and carbs? I think the question I’m trying to ask in basic terms is how many calories should I consume on it?


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    Re: Keto Diet 2019/01/18 12:45:51 (permalink)
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    Keto is not magic.
    If you eat more calories then you need, you will put fat on, too few and you lose weight.

    Lots of online calcs to help you set the cals you need.

    10% carbs is a lot and won’t take you into ketosis. Aim for 25-30g a day for the first 2-3months (once you’re adapted and no longer a sugar burner, you can increase a bit). A true keto diet is more like 80%fat but if you weight lift you need extra protein. So let’s keep it at 70%

    Let’s say you need 3000cals a day.

    30g of carbs = 120kcals
    (4cals per gram x 30)

    70% of 3000kcals = 2100kcal
    2100kcals / 9 = 234g Fat
    (9cals per gram of fat!)

    So 3000kcals-2100kcal-120kcal = 780
    (ToTcals - fatcals - carbcals = ProtCals

    780 / 4 = 195g protein
    (4cals per gram of protein)

    So your macros based on 3000kcals are

    195g protein
    30g Carbs
    234g Fat

    But you need to decide what your cals are!
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    Re: Keto Diet 2019/01/18 12:45:52 (permalink)
    Calories has nothing to do with keto, you just eat depending on your goal.
    A ketogenic diet is not a method of weight loss.  That comes with eating a calorie deficit.  Sure, you can run keto whilst loosing weight, but it is no more effective than any other option. One benefit it has for some is controlling hunger due to the high fat content.

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    Re: Keto Diet 2019/01/18 12:52:31 (permalink)
    I've just had to bin keto due to very high cholesterol levels. Gutted. At least I can eat beans on toast again now though. 

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