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Hot!Kicking Back in @ 42

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2018/04/03 22:23:58 (permalink)

Kicking Back in @ 42

Hi folks,
I was a keen gym goer back in my 20's-30's and it kind of fizzled out when kids came on the scene and career path changed to a driving job, now I'm looking to get back into it, however, still not really got the time to hit a gym 5-6 times / week (I don't know how people do this, or is it just me!?!?!).
Basically I play 5-a-side twice a week, this is set in stone and would like advice on what to build around this, maybe add some strength training this enough cardio or do I need to add more, if so how much is the correct amount? I see all these quick 15 min home workouts (burpees/press ups/lunges etc...) online, are these really worth doing?
Goal is to lose 2 stone.
Age: 42
Current: 13.2
BMI: 25.6
Target: 11.2 (and look a bit more ripped).

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    Re: Kicking Back in @ 42 2018/04/07 13:38:39 (permalink)
    I changed my routine from a body part split to an all over session. Basically it allows me to train between 3 and 5 times a week at high intensity with interval running at the end and I am happy. With the body split it became obsessive, having to train on a certain day and a part of the body no matter where you are and what you are busy doing.

    I do chest,back,arms,shoulders,legs,abs in a circuit x 3 and I do two before hitting the treadmill for 21 mins interval 2x1. You mix up the exercises so each body part gets the required work done throughout the week.

    You would be surprised how taxing this can be, I get some funny looks after 15 reps on flat dumbbell straight into 10 wide arm heaves, triceps kick backs, shoulder press, squats and hanging leg raises. It literally blows you away if you jump straight into the next exercise then keep the break short between sets.

    Do I have more niggles at the moment? Possibly......
    The Kryptonian
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    Re: Kicking Back in @ 42 2018/04/11 10:51:38 (permalink)
    These 15 minute routines are obviously better than nothing, but are as good as a full routine.
    You could try a push/pull routine.
    That seems to work for a lot of guys I see who don't have much time to train.
    Get your weights routine in check before adding any more cardio, your 5 a-side should be more than adequate for now.
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    Re: Kicking Back in @ 42 2018/04/14 12:38:13 (permalink)
    Not sure I agree on the cardio comment as the the more and differing types you do will elicit body composition results. Friend of mine mentioned push pull legs split recently which I may look at as well
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    Re: Kicking Back in @ 42 2018/05/22 18:31:08 (permalink)
    I'm 49 now and training every other day is hard for me some times I have to have 2 rest days before going back, I do some thing like this now

    Back 2 exercises 8 total sets (4x8-15)
    Deadlift, rows db or bb or chins
    Shoulders 2 exercises 5 sets 2--3x 15
    Press 3 sets lat or anterior raise 2 sets
    Triceps 3 sets 10 dips maybe if needed 2 sets close grip bunch 15-20 reps

    Day 2 legs chest biceps
    Squats 2-3 sets 10 or leg press 4x15 leg extension 2-3x15
    Chest flat inline or pullovers 4x12-15 flies 2x12-15
    Biceps 5-6 sets 10-15 reps
    Ez or db curls 3x15 then 2x8-12 alternate hammer or concentration curls

    In my 20s I trained every day sometimes twice a day at weekends you change and adapt with the times I competed in Olympic weightlifting never did more than 3 reps on anything and squatting twice a day was normal. Now doing 10 reps on everything is harder but in a different way
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    bodyweight 70k lifts in comp snatch 132.5k cl+jk 160k
    78k lifts in training sn 145k cl+Jk 170
    front squat ATG 185k x1
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    Re: Kicking Back in @ 42 2018/07/04 23:28:38 (permalink)
    Thinking of adding this (3 sessions/week) alongside 5 a side and swimming:
    Does this look okay?
    Barbell Straight-Leg Deadlift 6-8 x 3
    Lat Pull Down 6-8 x 3
    Dips 8 x 3
    Leg Press 8 x 3
    Shoulder press 8 x 3
    Shrugs 8 x 3
    Calf Raises 8 x 3
    Bench Press 6-8 x 3
    Barbell Curl 8-10 x 3
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    Re: Kicking Back in @ 42 2018/09/13 07:52:59 (permalink)
    Do it and see. I would add in more personally. Im older than you and train balls out 4 times a week...for years. Yes...age makes you slow down, but your brain does that :) your body can cope with more if you want to see progress.
    Oh ye...and ditch shrugs if you only doing that ammount of exercises. Add in something usefull. You could follow a simple quick program like stronglifts...
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    Re: Kicking Back in @ 42 2018/09/21 14:08:49 (permalink)
    If you can train 3 days a week just jump on a 5x5 program. Look at starting strength or ICF 5x5. You'll get better results from that then what you've posted above. Both those I've mentioned are beginner programs, based around compound movements. Squat, bench overhead press, bent over row and deadlift.  
    As for cardio do what you can. you're already running around on the pitch, so that's something, but if you can add 20 mins at the end of each session on treadmill, bike or x-trainer then its all good. 
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