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Hot!Lagging back?

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2018/11/22 18:54:42 (permalink)

Lagging back?

Hey guys, jay here after some quick advice. 20 years old, been in the gym about a year and a half, fairly happy with my gains m, only problem is my back seems to lag behind really badly? Any advice on back exercises or a back routine to help me build size? Thanks in advance

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    Re: Lagging back? 2018/11/22 19:10:07 (permalink)
    Chin ups and rows?
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    Re: Lagging back? 2018/11/22 19:18:46 (permalink)
    Loads of different row variations - standard, underhand, T bar, landmine, dumbbell, kroc, meadows, pendlay, machine.
    Go heavy and light and use a variety of techniques. Rest pause, drop sets, mechanical drop sets, 1 and a half reps, slow negatives etc
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    Re: Lagging back? 2018/11/23 05:39:57 (permalink)
    Good that your addressing this issue now whilst your young. A lot of lads your age concentrate on whats visible in the mirror lol, chest and biceps to impress the ladies on hol. The result is imbalance, tight chest pulls the shoulders forward leaning to knackered shoulders in later life, so
    1) keep good form on everything you do, with a balanced workout. Think about the muscles you should be using.
    2)As mentioned, pull-ups. Wide grip and close grip. I would focus on the machine first to build strength.
    3)Bent over Single arm dumbbell rows, use the rack or a bench for support with the other hand, this is a GREAT exercise for back. As well these, you could try kneeling single arm cable row, this is good too, with a full range of motion.
    4)Seated row, some good machines out there.
    5)Deadlifts, you might not like these, but one of my favourite workouts was deadlift/pull-ups. Pull ups also good for forearms. Once into deadlifting, build up strength slowly with good form to avoid injury.
    6)Reverse fly machine, hope your gym has a good one. Brilliant exercise for back. Again, think about using your back muscles slowly. so many folk put loads of weight on and just swing out, not the way to go.
    7)Face pulls, great for rear delts
    8)Check youtube for these exercises, do them properly with also good diet and rest. Lots of other stuff but this is a good start. You don't have to do them all in one session, especially with deadlifts.
    As for reps, just train hard and consistent, aim to add weight or reps regularly. 
    In 6 months with hard training, you will see a difference.
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    Re: Lagging back? 2018/11/23 16:18:54 (permalink)
    Pullups and rows should be a staple in every decent back routine.

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