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Last 2 weeks on cut - more carbs?

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2009/07/26 07:04:46 (permalink)

Last 2 weeks on cut - more carbs?

Hi all first post on muscletalk

just abit of advice I'm going away 2 weeks tomorrow and have been on a cut for around 14 weeks.. I have dropped from 14 and half to 12 and half but last week felt really down and lethargic with the diet.. Do I need to be adding some extra carbs or maybe just a cheat meal for the final push??

hard to believe but the only "cheat" i have had in 14-16 weeks is a Nandos half chicken with salad and no alcohol!!

06:15 Brisk walk to work 40 mins (before breakfast)
07:00 Double Whey with oats also 4 Brazil nuts or Almonds
09:00 Double Whey
11:00 Tin of tuna with cucumber
12:00 Train one bodypart per day on my lunch (hour training)
13:00 Pro Recovery
14:00 130g Chicken with Asparagus
15:30 Walk home 40 mins again good pace
16:00 Chicken with Veggies
18:00 150g Quark with 1 Scoop Whey
20:00 Tin of tuna / aplle cider vinegar

Since Friday I have changed the nuts with breakfast for a tablespoon of WholeEarth Peanut Butter (love the stuff but never ate whilst cutting)

Also thinking of throwing a couple of oatcakes in pre workout with my tuna at 11:00

I have also dropped the No Xplode and Creatine I have been taking a few weeks ago as i have used this for 11 weeks..

age 29
weight 12 half stone
height 6ft
waste 30/31inch
bf not tested

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    Re:Last 2 weeks on cut - more carbs? 2009/07/26 09:32:04 (permalink)
    hi, welcome to mt,

    i have just finished a 4 and a half month cut and didnt realise how bad i was feeling until i brought the carbs back in. i started with no carbs but after a big workout ( legs ) i felt totally drained the next day, so i brought carbs in either side of my workouts ( 40 g ) and it made a difference.
      i would advise a refeed day where you have a high carb day, with a cheat meal and higher cals on a sunday, many on here will say this isnt very good but it certainly worked for me, you need carbs and it will kick start your metabolism which will have slowed down over that long. i got into the mindset that carbs where the enemy when cutting but thats so wrong, if you did load up on a sunday the carbs would go towards filling your depleted stores and wouldnt be stored as fat.

    like i said, last week i have brought carbs back in and i am like a different person, whilst cutting i was doing 6 days in gym and work was a nightmare, endless days, feeling sick of my life, hating my job but from 1 week to the next i am enjoying work , feeling spot on and the days are flying by, i never thought food could have such an impact. no doubt everyone is different but thats how i felt and how i successfully cut from 17 st to 15st and down to 10 % bf.

    hope this helps
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    Re:Last 2 weeks on cut - more carbs? 2009/07/26 17:03:58 (permalink)
    cheers for the input ric28.. I get around 50g of carbs through my Pro Rec after training will look at adding a couple of oatcakes in before training maybe at 9:00 with my Whey..
    As for the cheats I go away 2 week tomorrow :) so i will see if I can leave them out until I get away will look into upping the carbs on a Sunday with extra veg and oatcakes
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    Re:Last 2 weeks on cut - more carbs? 2009/07/27 13:57:56 (permalink)
    little change to the diet for the last two weeks or week and half if I decide on carb loading before hols.. If I do decide to carb up would bringing in brown rice be okay or increase the oatcakes also is the for the last 3 days?
    6:00 40 min walk to work fair pace
    7:00 2 scoops whey 27g oats tblsp WholeEarth PB (in water)
    9:30 1 tin tuna asparagus apple cidar vinigar 
    11:30 2 scoops whey 2 oatcakes (in water) black coffee
    12:00 train one bodypart per day
    13:00 Pro Recovery
    13:30 130g chicken breast asparagus
    15:30 40 min walk back fair pace
    16:10 chicken breast and veg broccoli etc
    18:00 1 tin of tuna apple cider vinegar
    20:00-21:00 200g cottage cheese or quark 1 scoop of whey skimmed milk as a shake
    also having 2 cups of green tea during day..
    any comments does this look okay?
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