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2014/10/11 23:36:06 (permalink)


It is clinically proven to be the case that laughter is good for your health and that we should do it as much as we can.
Do you get enough? Where do you go to get it?
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    Re: Laughter 2014/10/12 07:51:40 (permalink)
    Yep laugh all the time...most at myself but pretty much anything can make laugh lol.
    "A day without laughter is a day wasted"...Charlie Chaplin

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    Re: Laughter 2014/10/12 09:02:09 (permalink)
    I laugh at stupid things , anything can make me laugh , I talk to myself all the time in stupid accents lol , I'm 38 with a brain of a 5 year old lol.....It's good to laugh.
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    Re: Laughter 2014/10/12 10:50:39 (permalink)
    I try to laugh at most things as there's enough to be serious about. Having a crack is one of the things that life is about in my opinion. Then again, my whole family is like that. On the other hand I know people who take everything seriously and believe that life isn't a joke, but they spend their whole life worrying about pointless stuff i.e. whether they chose the right thing from a menu, or the right colour clothes.
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    Re: Laughter 2014/10/12 11:49:56 (permalink)
    Laughters great but let's face it not everything can be laughed about.

    If you love something let it go,if it comes back to you it's yours,if it doesn't it never was.
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    Re: Laughter 2014/10/12 16:54:41 (permalink)

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    Re: Laughter 2014/10/12 18:06:03 (permalink)
    with those things above i find if they laugh and take it well you laugh with them if they get angry like the first woman its much funny and laugh at them.
    I personally love surreal things that happen in everyday life I can think of several that wouldnt sound funny now but if I think about them at the time they crack me up.

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    Re: Laughter 2014/10/12 18:20:36 (permalink)

    I laughed. Very funny ! But if it was me, and I was close I think I would punch it lol

    I hate laughing when you really shouldn't. Sometimes you can't help it. I saw an old boy fall off a bus onto the pavement. He just went over and didn't put his hands out to brace, and cracked his head. Luckily I'm a trained first aider and helped him till an ambulance arrived but the first 2 seconds i couldn't stop myself from laughing

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    Re: Laughter 2014/10/12 19:57:30 (permalink)
    I'm a miserable sod so enjoy anything that makes me laugh to include prank clips on youtube.  Currently watching old episodes of Seinfeld on my mp3 player on the way to work on the tube, seems to cheer up on dreary mornings.  Seinfeld may not be everyones, cup of tea but stuff like this has me laughing in no time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-5Lr0TUnSM
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