Leaning back when pressing overhead?

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2009/08/03 14:49:43 (permalink)

Leaning back when pressing overhead?

when i do standing strict press, when i hit the heavy weights i seem to get a bit of leaning back... just like this guy...

is it a bit no no? my back doesnt hurt or anything. 

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    Re:Leaning back when pressing overhead? 2009/08/03 15:26:39 (permalink)
    nah its fine mate.. but i make sure that once the bar is past my head, i get underneath it.. its important rto press from under the bar and not lean back thru the whole press..
    the guy in vid u can see, tries to shoot his body under the bar a bit towards the end of the press..
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    Re:Leaning back when pressing overhead? 2009/08/03 17:43:39 (permalink)
    The more you lean back the more the pecs come into play rather than the delts. 

    they used to do press as part of the OL lifts but people were leaning back so much it became a standing bench press.
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    Re:Leaning back when pressing overhead? 2009/08/03 18:35:49 (permalink)
    look at someone like glenn ross, his back is almost parallel to the floor when he is lifting big, whether its good for the back is another matter!
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    Re:Leaning back when pressing overhead? 2009/08/03 19:00:00 (permalink)
    i do the same if im not careful and my back thanks me for it in the morning with some aches and pains..

    you want to use your abs to control the shape of your body along with your glutes.  Get a firm grip on the ground with your shoes, tighten your glutes and tighten abs.  try it a bit in mirror with no weight, then some light weight, it feels weird and strenuous at first but eventually it will come natural and mabye even give you a stronger platform from which to push from.

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    Re:Leaning back when pressing overhead? 2009/08/03 19:12:40 (permalink)
    A degree of lean back is fine and good. A Slight purposfull lean back at the begining then move forward as you dive the bar up.

    Uncontrolled excessive leaning is probably not a great thing.

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