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Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle and Maintaining CV Fitness?

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2015/01/29 14:59:12 (permalink)

Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle and Maintaining CV Fitness?

Looking for a couple of pointers…
Got into cycling, like a lot of the world, a couple of years ago. Have since cycled over 12,000 miles, including around 7,000 miles last year.
I’ve gone from 95 kilos to a steady 82/83kg and bmi is 24. I can do a 5k run in 21mins and have no trouble doing a hilly 80 mile bike ride on the road at 17mph or so. I think I’m in reasonable health based on that.
Anyway, this year I’m going to move into doing some triathlons and have consequently invested in some whey isolate protein and started hitting the weights a bit more than I did previously. Not aiming to get huge, but just want a stronger core and upper body and help the knees out after an over-reliance on cycling to better my all round fitness.
Anyway, had a health test today at work randomly, and it showed all the right things except for body fat % which is sitting at 28%. I know there’s a bit of Xmas weight still sitting there, and I’ve been ill for a week so not done huge amounts of cardio other than riding my bike to work twice a day.
I’ve done a bit of looking online and this ‘Skinny Fat’ thing appears to be a real thing, I’m not the only person with this.
Common cause behind it seems to be too many long cardio sessions which end up reducing muscle mass. I assume a 6 hour bike ride would fall into this category.
On a fairly standard healthy diet at the minute, something like
-          Bowl of Alpen for breakfast
-          Apple/Banana
-          Chicken Wrap
-          Protein Bar
-          Beef chilli with Sweet Potato
-          Protein Shake
Basically every day at the minute, with some HIIT cycling and/or weights on weekdays and a longer run/cycle at the weekend.
Basically want to know the best way to approach
-          Lowering the fat %
-          Raising the muscle %
-          Maintaining the CV and cycling fitness for bike races.
Is it possible to do all 3 at the same time?

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    Re: Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle and Maintaining CV Fitness? 2015/01/30 00:28:47 (permalink)
    Hello and welcome to MT.
    Tough ask over an internet forum because there's so much to consider.
    Podcast 28 from 'Guru Performance' from Laurent Bannock & Mike Ormsbee may be of some huge interest for you; they basically spend an hour discussing what it is you're hoping to hear from us. Their podcast series is mainly nutrition based, but they do talk in some detail about endurance & resistance training, nutrition strategies and recommended supplements to support muscle mass; all for endurance athletes. 
    I highly suggest giving that a listen to. If you have any questions afterwards let us know.


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    Re: Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle and Maintaining CV Fitness? 2015/01/30 08:48:48 (permalink)
    You're not going to do all 3 at the same time. Decide what you want most and act accordingly. I would look to reduce bodyfat first... 28% is high!
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    Re: Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle and Maintaining CV Fitness? 2015/01/30 09:12:47 (permalink)
    I'd say stick to your maintanence calories and train 3/4 times per week on 5x5 stronglifts or 531 to build a good foundation and then HIIT training twice a week too in return build lean muscle mass and loose fat...although your progress will be slower compared to just focusing on loosing bodyfat for example.
    This is what I am doing by the way and it seems to be working for me! Although I am not doing HIIT training as I hate cardio but then again my heart rate is quite high when i train i guess that counts? haha
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    Re: Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle and Maintaining CV Fitness? 2015/01/30 13:36:20 (permalink)
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