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Hot!Losing fat and gaining muscle?

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2018/09/06 13:33:21 (permalink)

Losing fat and gaining muscle?

Hello! Ok, I apologise if I sound uneducated (generally on the topic, I am), but with so much contradicting advice on the internet, I am SO confused! I have been going to the gym since January and have been lifting. I gained a lot of muscle, but over summer have lost a bit of this muscle and also gained a lot of fat. 
So a lot of people say you can't lose fat and build muscle simultaneously, however there are 1000s of workouts titled to do just that? Also, if you incorporate HIIT workouts 3x a week to a week that consists of 4-5x weight lifting sessions, are you not then losing fat whilst building muscle? 
I am really really stuck. My goal is to lose about 15lbs of pure fat, but also to maintain/grow my glutes and legs. Is there any way of losing fat and building muscle? If not, can someone please recommend a course of action i.e. diet/workout split and time scale? 
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Re: Losing fat and gaining muscle? 2018/09/07 20:56:32 (permalink)
So much bogus, clickbait BS out there! The industry preys on people who are uneducated/desperate to get them to believe all sorts, while usually trying to sell you some 'must have' information/supplement.

All the while weight training is an incredible simple process. Pick up barbell, do some reps. Next week try and do more reps or weight. Now just add in a calorie surplus and boom. Most people know this way before they ever set foot in a gym or do any research of their own.

But the industry does not want you to know how simple it is. They want you to think it's complicated. They actually want you to not get results so you keep coming back spending your money.

I've gone off on a tangent and now ranting lol. Truth is only certain scenarios allow you to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

If your a complete newbie, regaining lost muscle after a layoff (utilising muscle memory), or on gear.

Otherwise it's impossible, END OF STORY.

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Re: Losing fat and gaining muscle? 2018/09/24 04:47:43 (permalink)
If your a complete newbie, regaining lost muscle after a layoff (utilising muscle memory), or on gear.

Every recomp diet has failed for me and I've only moderately improved strength and lost virtually no fat.
Its so much faster to do a bulk or a cut.

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