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M1T really bad advise given? Please help

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2009/07/14 07:42:50 (permalink)

M1T really bad advise given? Please help

Morning chaps,
I wont name and shame as I'm not sure if what I have been told is entirely innacurate, it sounds to me like it is, but here we go.
On Saturday I went to my local market as there is a body building supps store there, I needed to pick up some whey protein.  Whilst in there I noticed she was selling M1T, and it had been in the back of my mind for the last couple of months that I had wanted to give it a go.
I asked her what the deal was with the M1t and she said that 1 months supply (two tabs a day) would be £39.99 and that she would throw in a months supply of milk thistle too.  OK, nothing to wrong this far.  I mentioned PCT, and she told me that you didn't have too.  Apparently take the cycle for the month, then take a month off! ! !
Now as for all the reading I had done previously this set alarm bells ringing in my head.  I was under the assumption that in the 3rd week I would probably need to take something like trib to boost my own test production, then a serm along the lines of nolva/clomid.
The only reason I have been put off taking M1t before is because I don't have the contacts to be able to get hold of nolva etc.
So, any clarification from anyone would be most appreciated.

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    Re:M1T really bad advise given? Please help 2009/07/14 09:28:16 (permalink)
    You'd recover without PCT but it'd just take longer.

    Trib is useless.
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    Re:M1T really bad advise given? Please help 2009/07/14 10:34:37 (permalink)
    Trib does not increase test levels, nor does it act as an adaptagen whereby It normalises one's own test levels.  It's only use in PCT is for libido enhancement.  Do not believe the marketing, believe the science....

    As mentioned you would recover without PCT eventually.  But this would not be a very good idea, especially with something as potent as M1T.  Reports of gyno are plentiful with this compound and If I was to ever use it, I would only use a SERM for PCT!  No if's or but's about it, IMO

    Have you looked into SD?
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    Re:M1T really bad advise given? Please help 2009/07/16 19:03:17 (permalink)
    The other point worth a mention is what would be the point gaining say 10-15lbs which is quite possible for this compound when you risk losing most if not all gains whilst your body recovers from low test levels.

    It defeats the object.
    Most people would agree that MT for liver protection would be useless NAC is much better or cycle support. You only get one liver.
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