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2005/07/22 16:07:28 (permalink)


Hi everyone!!!
Been training for about year and a half on and off, but the last 6 months solid.

I weigh 13st and have lost a sum fat on me bum and around me tum. but would like to lose more but gain more muslce mass.

Any ideas? is my diet any good?

8.30a.m - 2x Wheatabix with skimmed milk + 2 hand full dried fruit.
3 total EFA's caps

10.30 a.m. Protein shake (48g)

12.00 CV (skpping 20mins)

12.30 p.m. 1x tuna 30 pasta twirls + 2 baby toms
1 apple

3.00p.m. Protein Shake (48g) fruit 2x satsumas

5.30 Train Weights (one banana before training)

6.30 p.m. 1 Turkey steak (90g) plus mixed veg.

8.30p.m. Protein shake (48g) Branflakes with skimmed milk.

12.00 Bed (mmmmmmmm at last)

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    RE: MY DIET?? 2005/07/22 16:18:31 (permalink)
    IMo bad

    losing muscle, gaining fat? reserved for genetic freaks and new gym users IMO

    no fat in there
    no PWO shake
    too much protein compared to other macros IMO
    10:30 incomplete meal, need fat or carbs
    need carbs after training
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    RE: MY DIET?? 2005/07/22 16:20:45 (permalink)
    8:30 should be whey in water, body needs protein fast in the morning, ur not really getting any until 2.5 hours after you wake

    3pm - is that a pro + carb shakes or just whey in water?

    your last meal in 8:30pm, which means by the time you wake up, your already 12hours without protein, and by the time you get your first descent serving of protein its 14 hours, you will not make good gains on this diet.

    also no PWO?

    also you cant' realistically expect to loose fat and gain muscle, how tall are you?
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    RE: MY DIET?? 2005/07/22 16:27:18 (permalink)
    8.30 ok but i really cant stomach whey in water but will try!!

    my is just a high protein shake only out 10g carbs in it i fink. Its la muslce whey.

    What should i be aving for my PWO?

    im bout 5'11 not the tallest!


    mass quest
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    RE: MY DIET?? 2005/07/22 23:18:24 (permalink)
    PWO, whey and dextrose.
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