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2006/07/11 17:27:34 (permalink)

Macro's Journal

I've been training loosely for a year now. Went from 13st 5 to 15st 4, which I'm pretty pleased with. Round exam time and subsequent holiday, I dropped to 14st 9 with a slight drop in BF.

I'm back from my holiday now and feel it's time for some serious training. I'm aiming to get up to 16st hopefully by January (17lbs in 25 weeks).

Whilst I was on holiday, I read "Beyond Brawn" by Stuart McRobert. A lot of what I read made sense and, from this, I constructed this new training programme. You will see that I do no more than three exercises (plus crunches) per work out and that the only isolation exercise is calf raises. I decided to stick with the big basic exercises to build up my core muscles so that I have a good foundation for future training. My focus will be on maintaining good form and increasing what I am lifting gradually.

Here's the routine & diet. Any comments, I'd be happy to hear them.

Current Meaurements
Age 19
Height 6ft
Shoulders 48"
Chest 43"
Waist 34"
Upper Arm 15.5"
Upper leg 24"
BF 16% (approx)

Meal 1:
4 boiled eggs
Protein shake w/bannana or strawberries

Meal 2
Mixed veg

Meal 3
Protein with oats

Meal 4
Lean mince beef

Meal 5
Protein with oats

Meal 6

Total 4500kcal, 500g protein (approx)
Meals taken every 3 hours, Meal one taken on waking. I'm working on the doors, so I don't get up till about 12p.m. and don't go to be until 4a.m. Drinking loads of water between meals.

The only supplements I'm taking are Whey Protein from, though I may add some creatine in later on.

I've only been training for a year, so I'm not taking or intending to take any AAS.

Squat: 3x8
Trap bar Deadlift: 3x6
Standing Calf Raise: 3x15
Crunch: 3x15


Military Press: 3x8
Pull Up: 3x8
Lat Pull Down: 3x8


Flat Bench: 3x8
Dip: 3x8
Incline Shrug: 3x8
Crunch: 3x15


I've dropped the weights I was using significantly because a) I have been out of training completely for 3 weeks and did not train intensively (due to exams) for about 4/5 weeks before then and b) I want to focus completely on form and build up the weights using the best form possible.

I'll post some photos asap so that my scrawny form can be seen by all.

Began this routine yesterday. Sore legs today!
Squat: Warm up + 70kg (8,8,8)
Deadlift: Warm up + 55kg (6,6,6)
Calf Raise: 70kg (15,15,15)
Crunch: 84kg (15,15,15)
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    RE: Macro's Journal 2006/07/12 21:09:30 (permalink)
    Good session 2day. Gym was busier than I'd expected, so was in longer that I'd hoped. Legs still killing me from Monday!

    Pull ups: 8,8,6
    OH Press: Warm up + 8,8,8 @ 40kg (very much down from best. Felt very light, but form is key!)
    Lat Pull Down: 8,8,10 @ 45kg - first time I've done this exercise, so felt this was a bit light.

    Home for a shower and a nice PWO shake.
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    RE: Macro's Journal 2006/07/14 22:36:39 (permalink)
    Didn't eat terribly well 2day. Missed a couple of meals... bad news on a work out day. Great session, though. Bit of trouble with the incline shrug. Think I need to get used to the technique before I can start shifting any kind of significant weight.

    Flat bench: Warm up + 8,8,8 @ 70kg
    Dips: 8,8,8
    Incline shrug: Warm up + 8,8,8 @ 16kg
    Crunch: 15,15,15 @ 84kg

    All in all, pleased with this week. Diet has been tight (apart from 2day), been getting plenty of sleep and I've enjoyed getting back into the gym. Looking forward to putting these weights up next week.
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