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2009/08/02 19:22:53 (permalink)


I don't spend much time in the cardio area of my gym, but the last few times I've been there I've noticed this one guy who is always there. And I never see him in the weights room. He was on a bike beside me before I started, then after about 25 mins he got off and went over to a cross trainer and started using that. I finished up, went off, stretched, got changed, got some water, and then came back about half an hour later to chat to somebody in the gym and I saw this guy was STILL doing cardio, he had now moved onto a stairmaster. He does all this at pretty high intensity, and any time I see him he is absolutely dripping with sweat. What's more, the sweat smells really strongly, which suggest that he has been sweating for some time.

Another thing I noticed is that this guy had absolutely no muscle whatsoever, he was wearing a sleeveless top thing and he looked terrible, looked like a skeleton or something. He had very low bf but he didn't look 'lean', he just looked unwell. I felt like saying to the guy that the last thing he should be doing is more cardio, unless he is training for some sport that requires a very high level of cv fitness, but I doubt any sport requires (probably) two hours of cardio per day alternating between cross trainers and stairmasters, etc.

I figured this guy probably has some sort of disorder. I simply can't see how anybody would want to do this, unless he REALLY enjoys cardio or something! I mean being obsessive about working out to look good is one thing, but this guy did not look good. Does anybody here know anyone like this? Is manorexia an actual disorder?

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    Re:Manorexia 2009/08/02 19:26:52 (permalink)
    Sounds like me from what you describe!

    Can't be though, don't care much for cardio.....

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    Re:Manorexia 2009/08/02 19:31:36 (permalink)
    So how long till a thread from Knighty? ;) lol

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    Re:Manorexia 2009/08/02 19:37:11 (permalink)

    Dont think its a disorder, however some people get into some things very strongly and he probably thinks he will miss out somewhere if not doing it.

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    Re:Manorexia 2009/08/02 21:09:38 (permalink)
    what makes you think men suffer from a different type of anorexia to women?

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    Re:Manorexia 2009/08/02 21:39:38 (permalink)
    Maybe he is training for a marathon or similar long distance event.
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    Re:Manorexia 2009/08/03 04:00:13 (permalink)
    There's a woman in our gym who does exactly the same thing, one of the lads said to her the other week, "love it's a chip shop you need not a spinning class". Face like thunder and told to F**K off.
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    Re:Manorexia 2009/08/03 04:15:31 (permalink)

    So how long till a thread from Knighty? ;) lol

    you spooooiiiled it!
    would have been top funny too.

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    Re:Manorexia 2009/08/03 07:44:03 (permalink)

    Maybe he is training for a marathon or similar long distance event.

    This was going to my point. Paula looks like a skeleton but she's pretty good at the ole' running

    There's no point to dragging lots of mass round round 26 miles.

    I'm doing nearly 2 hours a day every 3 days atm in preparation for a marathon so it could have been me

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    Re:Manorexia 2009/08/03 12:23:22 (permalink)
    If you were training for a marathon though, would you really be alternating between stairmaster , x-trainer etc?

    If it's as extreme as OP says, sounds like exercise bulimia to me

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