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Meal Ideas!

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2011/03/28 19:11:38 (permalink)

Meal Ideas!

I always like seeing what people have had for there tea's!
could be a good idea for people to get tips of others to see what we have had for the last week!..
Tonight - Rump Steak, mushrooms, boiled egg, spinach, sweet potatoe
Sunday - Chicken in thai chilli sauce. brown rice, veg
Saturday - Tuna +pilchards with brown pasta, chilli pesto sauce and pine nuts
Friday - Chicken marinated in honey and garlic with spinach
Thursday - Chilli with brown rice, spinach
Wenesday - Tuna and anchovies with tomato and chilli sauce, brown pasta and spinach
Tuesday - Salad, king prawns, pine nuts, boiled egg, spinach, rocket, peppers, sweetcorn, chilli pesto
Monday - Thai Chicken (low fat coconut oil) with brown rice and veg
All pretty quick and easy, and tasty!

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    Re:Meal Ideas! 2011/04/03 13:16:56 (permalink)
    Sounds very good!
    My fav meal at the moment is chicken terriyaki with rice! I get jars of the sauce from the supermarket and stir it in with chicken once almost cooked. Makes it so easy to wolf down 3 breasts. When i'm cutting, i'll take out the rice because i don't eat too many carbs in the evening

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    Re:Meal Ideas! 2011/06/27 12:41:58 (permalink)
    I do something similair but instead mix in Nando's hot sauce with the chicken and rice. I also add some chill's, peas and red onion really easy but tastey!

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    Re:Meal Ideas! 2011/06/27 17:02:33 (permalink)
    There used to be a thread, that when on for quite a while, where everyone posted up picks of their food... some people posted a pic every meal they ate!!
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    Re:Meal Ideas! 2011/08/08 16:29:26 (permalink)
    last 5 days tea, just for fun and bored at work!....
    Sunday - ate at Italian Resturant - Chicken and spinach pasta with pesto
    Saturday - rare rump steak with garlic and basil potatoes with green beans
    Friday - Kind of cheat night  with my mate - made home made pizza (already made white pizza bases) then added tomatos which i reduced down for an hour with chilli, garlic and herbs.. low fat cheese, low fat mozerella, turkey, breast, silverside beef, chorizo sausage, peppers. (amazing!)
    Thursday - Chicken, pesto, sweet potatoe, veg
    Wednesday -Chilli with lean mince and brown rice
    Struggling for ideas for tonight!!

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    Re:Meal Ideas! 2011/08/20 21:55:01 (permalink)
    I've gotten real lazy with my food, get meat from freezer/fridge (just meat nothing manufactured) steam veg and potato and thats it for my tea! Meat at the min is pork chops/steak/chicken or rainbow trout/salmon. Sometimes the simplest things are the best! Honest
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    Re:Meal Ideas! 2011/09/02 14:10:17 (permalink)
    Each to their own mate isn't it, if it works for you then thats all that matters. personally i have to mix it up as i dont like to think it of dieting, just a lifestyle choice and if i have different foods every day then it keeps me interested and focussed in the gym more. Dont get me wrong tho, i do go through a few days here and there when i cant be bothered and just slap some chicken in the Georgie F, then cook some steam fresh veg and sweet pot in the microwave and slap some pesto on! works a treat if you only have ten min to cook!
    Friday's however is what nando's were invented for! ;)
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