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Mountain Biking Orientated Routine?

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2009/07/21 22:36:08 (permalink)

Mountain Biking Orientated Routine?

I've started doing a lot more biking lately but my fitness is still really lacking.  I do a bit of DH and jumping but mainly singletrack which involves lots of uphill and downhill stretches amongst other things.

I'm looking for a new routine that'll help boost my fitness (dramatically!).  At the moment I'm absolutely knackered after a few minutes of intense riding or an uphill stretch!

I'm currently doing a push, pull, legs routine (FrankieNY one I think) which I've been doing on and off for a while now but fancy trying out something else.

I was wondering if someone could point me towards any threads on here that'd be worth reading?  I've had a search but couldn't really find anything.  I guess I'm after a workout that's more of an overall body killer, which will train my legs and body to deal with longer periods of intense effort.  I'd also like to sort out a regular CV exercise plan, i.e. biking, running etc.

I'd planned on doing something along the lines of HITT, doing a 20sec burst of uphill biking in a fairly high gear, then 10sec rolling back down, then 20sec up again and doing this about 8 times.  I'd try and do something like this about 4 times a week (on non gym days) but probably mixing it up with some sprinting and jogging.  I also play 6-a-side footy every week which helps with my overall fitness a little.

Gym wise I'd thought about less sets and more reps (I usually do 5x5 for most things), with a dedicated day on legs.  Then maybe spend the 2 other days on an 'overall' body workout like a '300'.  I could always spend an extra day on one of the bikes in the gym for about 45mins or so too.

Hopefully someone can make some sense of the above!  Any help/advice would be greately appreciated.  Cheers!

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    Re:Mountain Biking Orientated Routine? 2009/07/23 16:16:35 (permalink)
    TBH, weights room work won't really affect your riding one way or other, you'll get more value out of doing riding; various things, flat and hill sprints in particular for MTB; also do some sessions of over/undergearing for short distances (60 second stretches) whilst giving it some beans

    maybe some conditioning circuits may help but the sprints on a bike will have more effect on the biking

    at the end of the day, if you want to get better at biking, ride a bike ;-)
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    Re:Mountain Biking Orientated Routine? 2009/07/23 17:31:55 (permalink)
    Yeah the best way to improve you bike riding fitness is to ride your bike.

    Most top cyclist do squats and legpress, then it varies on the individual, I read Chris Hoy does those 2 plus jump squats and either dead lifts or cleans but can't remember exactly. 

    If you want to improve your cardio fitness while you are lifting weight then you need to be looking at reducing rest between set, reps and exercises to a minimum.
    Though this means strength will take a back seat.
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