My Girlfriend

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2003/10/18 18:14:17 (permalink)

My Girlfriend

Now this a touchy subject :) My girlfriend is unhappy with the size and shape of here thighs and bum :)

As a tactful man I tell her I love her to bits no matter what she looks like :) However she said she wants to do something as she is noit happy. So I want to help her as she wants to improve her shape. My question is what are the best exercises she can do to trim up here thighs and bum and improve her shape for a nice lean look?


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    RE: My Girlfriend 2003/10/19 10:43:49 (permalink)
    To look lean: diet and cardio

    To hit the thighs and bum: squats, lunges, stiff leg deadlifts, step-ups to name but a few.

    Don't neglect her need to work the rest of her body in order to prevent muscular imbalances either.... chest, back and delts and optionally a little bit of arm work.

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    RE: My Girlfriend 2003/10/19 13:49:44 (permalink)
    If you don't already ogo to a gym, find a nice one where she will not feel intimidated and suggest you both get fit/fitter together and work on the areas dirtyvest has suggested. In a few weeks you will both love the look so much I'm sure she'll get hooked!
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    RE: My Girlfriend 2003/10/22 20:04:23 (permalink)
    Diet diet diet diet diet diet diet diet. It doesn't matter if you run a marathon everyday if your diet is off and she is eating the wrong foods she isn't going to like her body. Why don't you post a typical diet and workout for her so we can give some comments. Better still, get your girlfriend to join up and ask questions herself!
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    RE: My Girlfriend 2003/10/28 22:38:35 (permalink)
    A good balance of compound exercises for legs, cardio and good diet is the simplest way, easier said than done tho! Get used to using fixed machines first before she trys anything too technical and so she gets used to the feel of pushing weights, then when she sees how lifting a decent weight can shape her body and legs she wont be frightened to push herself. Hopefully shes not of idea that 'if a woman lifts a weight and feels it she will wake up looking like Arnie'?!?! Its just not that easy, but to shape and tighten her legs, the muscle will respond best to effort and intensity. The cardio and diet will help control body fat levels.
    PS Stay away from multiple sets on the adductor whilst reading Bella magazine!!
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    RE: My Girlfriend 2003/10/29 13:38:23 (permalink)
    Good advice meegs!
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    RE: My Girlfriend 2003/11/27 13:48:45 (permalink)
    Thanks for the advice.

    Essentially her biggest gripe is that she has large thighs with a ridiculously small waist! She wants her thighs to be much thinner and leaner and her bum a bit smaller. I dont know what exercises to get her to do that will make her thighs smaller (slimmer) and not add muscle.

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    RE: My Girlfriend 2003/12/18 15:12:09 (permalink)
    At least your missus wants to do something about it. Mine seems perfectly content to try every diet going and hope that the weight will fall of whilst shes lying their on the sofa watching jerry springer.

    Ive managed to drag her out of the house for walks and stuff, and she`s a huge pile of workout/aerobics/keep fit videos. But, shes got no interest in doing any exercise, even though i workout nearly every night myself for an hour or so.
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