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2019/02/15 09:15:56 (permalink)

My first cycle

Looking to take my first oral only cycle. I've been training on and off for years now and started back training again past couple months.

Been reading these forums and online for a while now so trying to gather some information and knowledge myself on oral cycles. I know the guy I train with is taking dbol and oxys. He recommends a dbol and oxy only cycle and says it will be fine to begin with. Looking for clarification on this.

Looking to start on a dbol only cycle 60mg per day split 30 am and 30 pm. Question is, is it worth doing just dbol or should/Can I add another oral to this or would it not be worth it? Seen many dbol only cycles but have also read about doing deca sust alongside. Was thinking 6 weeks on then coming of for 3 weeks and seeing how my results are.
Looking at taking milk thistle or liv52 alongside this each day. And then Nolvadex for the 3 weeks. What dosage per day would you reccomend for this?

Drink plenty of water eat fairly well. Also would be taking a whey protein as well while on this.

Any advice is appreciated and hoping to get started next week on this.

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    Re: My first cycle 2019/02/15 17:27:30 (permalink)
    Dbol only is fine, 60mg is pretty high if it's good stuff. 50mg made me into a balloon. But up to you on the dose

    Loads of pct info if you search.

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    Re: My first cycle 2019/02/16 12:39:54 (permalink)
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    Agree. 60mg is excessive, especially given that you do not know how it will affect you. Ignore the person who has advised you thus far. Some users will suffer estrogenic issues (gyno development) even at 30mg. You absolutely should not start the cycle without having an AI such as arimidex or letrozole.....and nolva on hand, ready to use if problems arise.
    You don't state the dosage, but taking 2 methylated orals (dbol &oxys) in standard or higher dosages is uncalled for and frankly nuts. Your liver is a hardy organ yes....but doing things such as this is taking unecessary risks.
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    Re: My first cycle 2019/02/16 14:40:40 (permalink)
    Totally agree with partyboy.taking 2 orals,especially 2 of the most powerful orals is nuts.
    Dbol only is okay,but start off on a low doseage,say 25-30mg,and see how your body can always increase the doseage.always have an a1,or nolvadex on hand,just to be on the safe side.
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    Re: My first cycle 2019/02/16 17:09:27 (permalink)
    Thanks for the replies. Taking into account what you've said I think I will go with a Dbol only cycle forget the oxys for now.
    Lower the dosage after doing some more reading was looking at 30-40mg a day.

    Have Nolvadex on hand just in case and use for 3 week PCT. Looking at 60/40/20 then 20mg per day thereafter.

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    Re: My first cycle 2019/02/16 22:06:43 (permalink)
    Personally I wouldnt bother with the Milkthistle or LIV52 , just stay well hydrated, water is a much better solution than any herbal remedy.
    Your liver should recover well if you keep doses reasonable and dont run the orals for extended periods of time, 6 weeks is a recommended maximum. 

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