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My first pro-hormone cycle. Advice needed.

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2005/08/02 02:51:58 (permalink)

My first pro-hormone cycle. Advice needed.

I’m 37 years old, 5’5” and 163-168 lbs usually. I used to compete in powerlifting 20 years ago (123lb class) and I’m now committed to getting back the body I used to have and to be in the best shape of my life by age 40, earlier if possible. I’m on about a 6-7 day rotation on my workout which consists of 4 days weights and 2-3 days of cardio or rest mixed in. I work out with intensity and I’m always trying new exercises to keep it interesting.

I drink about 4-6 double serving IDS whey protein shakes (46-50 grams each) each day when possible. I take gobs of suppliments spaced throughout the day. Some of which are by SAN (CM2, OX, NAG, BCAA-Pro and sometimes Lipidex and CLA but they give me the ****s). I also take loads of vitamin C, L-Arginine, multi-vitamins, and Psyllium Husks. I’ve tried both Endotest Pro by SAN and also Stenandiol 3.0.

A little bit of background info. I recently thought I had ED but it turned out to be mostly nerves (performance anxiety) with the new girlfriend who turned out to have multiple personalities, but that’s another story. Crazy bitch. Anyway, I went to my doctor and they did some bloodwork to check my Thyroid and Testosterone level. They said both were normal. My Testosterone was 315 ng/dl and they said 240-820ng/dl or something like that was normal. Other sources said 350-1200 ng/dl was normal. We’ll I didn’t want to be at the bottom end so I ask about bumping it up some. I’ve now gone to an endocrinologists at my doctors request who did more bloodwork. I’m awaiting results now. I’ve always suspected I had a low T level. I seriously doubt he will do anything for me.

Anyway, I explained my situation, not being able to grow worth **** and low T level, to my local nutrition center guru. I asked him to set me up with a program of suppliments. He showed me some pro-hormones that I know nothing about.

The nutrition guru recommended I start on:
Legal Gear’s Methyl 1P for 1 bottle (75 capsules at 3 caps per day for 25 days), then immediately go into ALRI something (I assume its MAX LMG or Ultra HOTter) for a full bottle, which I assume is about one months worth and then immediately into Gaspari Nutrition’s Orastan-E (90 caps at 3 caps per day for 30 days). I would also be taking the Stenandiol 3.0 with it for the first 8 weeks through mid-cycle I assume. Following this 90 day pro-hormone cycle, I would take German American Technologies’ Testrol and Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals’ Estrogenex for 1 month I think for the PCT.

I have no idea what I’m doing so I need your advice. I tend to be conservative, so I would normally want to try each pro-hormone above for 30 days with the PCT of Testrol and Estrogenex in between cycles, but he tells me to do them back to back (90 days?) before the PCT. He says that they each work off different receptors or something so its OK to take them back to back. I don’t want to **** up my body anymore than it is, and I’m worried about pituitary shutdown of Testosterone and making my 315 ng/dl drop even lower the rest of my life. I’ve heard a little about “no DHT conversion” but I’m not sure what that is exactly. Can you guys offer some advice. I think Legal Gear referred to a shutdown after 30-60 days with 30 being advertised. So what should I do?

Clueless and conservative.

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    RE: My first pro-hormone cycle. Advice needed. 2005/08/02 13:07:19 (permalink)
    I wouldnt take anything that you dont know how it works. Some PHs/pro-steroids are 17aa which can stress the liver and trash lipids, you really need to do your research first.

    ALRI MAX LMG is fairly safe but weak-ish, just ran this myself and got some nice results from it.

    A good non hormonal stack is DS RXT/ACTIVATE, helps raise free and natural test levels.

    Not heard of the others.

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