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My grip/forearms workout

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2003/10/16 01:23:38 (permalink)

My grip/forearms workout

In my routine, I have a workout totaly dedicated to forearms and grip training, working for both size and strength. Forearms are the only aera of my body where I really want to gain size and mass (for the rest of my body, I focus on strength and I take the size gain that come with this strength). The reason is because next year I will start Muay Taï. In Muay Taï, we need to block a lot of kicks with the forearms, and it is good to have muscle mass there to protects the bones. And I also want to gain a lot of grip power with the goal of becaming unbeatable at arm wrestling.

So this is the workout:
Note: for the moment, I don't have grippers. I want to buy it soon. I will include gripper work at the start of the workout.

Reverse standing barbell Curl 3X5
Seated barbell wrist curls 2X20
FingerTips push ups 2XMax
Plate pinch lift 2X each hand
Holding to chin bar with one hand 2X each hand

I would like to add something for wrist strength at the end of the workout. I was thinking about something like sledgehammer work. The reverse curls and the wrist curls are there for the mass. All the other exercises are for strength. I think I could add some other exercises, I can do a 30 min workout only for grip. So if you see anything missing... After that workout, I want my forearms to be totaly burned. I want to have difficulty to move a pencil during the following hours . I would do this workout only once a week.

What are your opinions/comments on this workout?

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    RE: My grip/forearms workout 2003/10/16 08:36:20 (permalink)
    with my very limited personal experience on the subject i'd suggest rather having two separate shorter wrist and grip related sessions per week. Thing is, if you do heavy wrist work like wrist curls or plate curls (try them, they are a killer!) your wrists might be done right in the start of the session.

    I've noticed about grip training that it is very easy to train your grip so hard joints etc in your forearms will be sore days afterwards. That means no deadlifting, chinning, benching, dipping and so on for those days. So i've rather taken the route of training my grip 2-3 times/week intensively, hard, but not total annihilation.

    Grip masters will no doubt have more constructive comments!
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    RE: My grip/forearms workout 2003/10/18 09:31:50 (permalink)
    i would leave the fingertip push ups, they hurt your fingers but do little for strength and add either plate pinches (picking up 2 plates with one hand)and high rack pulls with about 50kg over your dl. by the way i did thai boxing for 6 years and if you block with a forearm muscle or shin muscle (anterior tibialis) it'l probably rupture because they get squashed between yours and the oponents bone, so block with the bones every time m8 ;)
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