My routine, new started out November

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2012/02/22 18:42:07 (permalink)

My routine, new started out November

Day 1 Chest, Tricep (Abs Heavy)
Abs: upside down hanging crunches x 10, sit up postion drop a 10kg medicine on abs x 25 from maximum arm stretch height (old boxing technique) wood chops cable weighted x 10, weighted sit ups x 15 all that in a circuit x4
Bench Press 100kg x 12, 110 kg x 10, 120 kg x 8, 130kg x 6
Inc DB Press 80kg x 15, 90kg x 12, 100kg x 10
Cable flys 4 x 10 cant remember how much i do weight wise. think 17.5 -20kg each side
Weighted dips +50kg x 10, +60kg x 10, +80kg  x 8 then i die haha
Rope Pulldowns 4 x 15 30kg
1m sprint 30 sec walk x 10
Day 2 Quad, Hams, Traps
Box jumps 15 high x 15, 17 high x 12, 19 high x 10
Front Squats 100kg x 12, 120kg x 10 140kg x 6-8
Superset Leg curls 100kg x 10 with walking lunges holding 20kg kettle bell each hand overhead x 10 (3 sets)
Leg Press 150kg, 200kg, 250kg 10, 8, 8

rope face pulls 4 x 10 30kg
hold 2 x 25kg plate each hand 3 sets to failure on shrugs
Cardio stepper 20 mins
Day 3
Back, Forearms and Biceps and obliques
Med ball twists, chops, hip rolls, side planks
Pull ups 3 set of 25, 20, 15 ( favourtie thing to do)
Deads 120kg x 12-15, 140kg x 10, 160kg x 6, 180kg 2-4 sometimes try 200kg my 1RPM
Static hold 160kg 30 secs
BB rows 50kg x 12, 70kg x 10, 90kg x 8
One arm DB Row 40kg  8-10 x 3 
bb curl 50kg 3 x 10
hammer curl 60kg(30each) x 10, 64kg x 8 68kg x 6
wrist curls 4 x 10
Row 250m sprint 30 sec rest x 10
Day 4 Shoulders and calves and lats
Light abs 5 mins
Mil Press 50kg x 10, 70kg x 8, 90 kg x 4-6
DB press 40kg x 8-10
alternative one arm front raises 4 x 10 16(32) 18(36) 20(40) 22(44)
Lat pull down 10 x 3 90kg no leg support
straight arm pull down 3 x 15 40kg on cable
Lat raises 3 x 12 14(28) 16(32) 18(36)
Raises smyth machine 250kg 4 sets of 10
No cardio
I am 6ft 2, I weight 14 stone so about 89kg
my nutrition
Protien 294g, 1176 cals
Fat 98g, 882 cals
Carbs 283g, 1132 cals
total = 3190 cals per day to put on 1lb pw
I struggle with my fats, how much capsules of omega or flaxseed can I take.
I found a good deal on tuna steaks, costco 20 pieces for 12 quid they work out 0g carbs, 40g pro, 8gs fat
Biggest problem is I am allergic to nuts. any more ideas.
So anyone can you help one Fat sources?
My chest shows little growth in terms of, looking at me front on im wide with large shoulders, big traps and lats, but side on my back is out and chest is still quite flat any ideas?
cheers everyone hope i did this right saw lots of complaints on not enough detail. if need detail of actual food, supps etc do ask.
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    Re:My routine, new started out November 2012/02/22 18:52:42 (permalink)
    I've nothing to add in terms of answering your question, but if you are benching 130kg x 6, front squatting 140kg x 8, deadlifting 200kg, dipping your body weight plus 80kg, and overhead pressing 40kg DBs, after 3 months of training (presumably natural), then you are a genetic freak and potentially one of the strongest people alive, so I highly recommend that your harness this and get involved in some kind of strength sport ASAP.

    "Be adequate"
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    Re:My routine, new started out November 2012/02/22 21:48:49 (permalink)
    All natural of course.
    I did my research before hand and am pretty good at commiting to my goals.
    Could you advise on Fats to have in my day. I really am struggling to hit my bench mark, I can hit my basic calorie intake amount of about 60 - 70g, the extra 20 is hard.
    Also I not so knoweldgeable of protien shakes, I am trying PHD Diet Why 50g servings 2 scoops + water 35g protien, 8 carbs, Fats 3.
    Im having 3 per day
    also i use BSN cell mass for creatine
    i take 3 x 1000mg flaxseed oil
    3 x 1500mg omega 3,6,9
    I dont like the taste of avocado, gt any avocado tips to cook or loose its flavour.
    Machine Kid
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