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My strawberry BBingWarehouse casein review

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2011/04/06 22:17:11 (permalink)

My strawberry BBingWarehouse casein review

The other day, after 1 thread was deleted, i decided after some feedback to try out BBingWarehouse's casein, strawberry flavour.

My previous casein was ON's casein. BUT, like so many, even if we're happy with a product we're using, somehow changing it up is fun. I mix ALL my shakes with water, and have done for over a year now. So, here's my breakdown for its different properties:
Mixability: 9/10.
It mixes well, no clumps. Teeny bit frothy at the top.
Taste: 6-7/10.
I'm a bit... unsure here. I think i like the strawberry, but it has an artificial edge to it that kind lingers after swallowing.
Macros:8/10 (compared with ON's as a reference)
protein (dry matter) = very similar
protein (as is) = BBingWarehouse has less

Sat fat = BBingWarehouse has more, but is that because of the MCT oil?
Sugar = BBingWarehouse has more
Fake sugar = sucralose in both, and is a good choice (no cancer risks)
Ingredients: not sure
''Instantised Micellar Casein, Milk Protein, MCT Oil, Natural and Nature Identical Flavourings, Stabilisers (Citric Acid, Malic Acid), Contains Sweetener: Sucralose'' My previous thread got deleted because the casein webpage and ingredients list dont match up, or arent possible. so, i wont give a number on that as i dont think its fair to say bad or good until its cleared up.

Cost: 10/10.
With free caffeine pills, its v good value (if it is just micellar casein).
Overall: 7/10.
Cost is great, but the confusion of the casein type and the aftertaste knock it down for me. It's been fun to have a change, and I will finish it off no worries, but next time, I'll spend a little more and try out the ON vanilla.

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    Re:My strawberry BBingWarehouse casein review 2011/04/07 00:00:22 (permalink)
    Cheers for the review mate, BBW seem to have a number of high quality products now!
    Should have been in http://www.muscletalk.co.uk/Supplement-Reviews-f142.aspx but ah well. 

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    Re:My strawberry BBingWarehouse casein review 2011/04/07 11:50:49 (permalink)
    thanks for the review, been looking at this so nice to get some other opinions before purchasing

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    Re:My strawberry BBingWarehouse casein review 2011/04/07 18:50:48 (permalink)
    I have just tried the choc orange, now that is much more like it.
    I have some milk protein from another supplier, despite mixing well it's thin and tastes chalky, also it gets everywhere much worse than the bbw casein.
    It has a very nice dark chocolate flavor, the orange tastes artificial, which it probably is i recognize the taste of orange essence, but it's quite nice and goes well with the chocolate.
    Personally id probably buy a vanilla next, i reckon that would go very well together, as i remember pro mass vanilla was very nice in part of how thick it was.
    Thumbs up kieran.
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    Re:My strawberry BBingWarehouse casein review 2011/04/08 13:10:07 (permalink)
    Just received my order of BBW casein in Choc-Orange, Strawberry & Vanilla, yet to try these as since I received this I have been pretty ill and my appetite is non-exsistent (think it might be food poisoning!!)
    Really looking forward to trying this soon though
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    Re:My strawberry BBingWarehouse casein review 2011/04/11 18:17:20 (permalink)
    Thanks for the review and glad you liked it! :)
    The ON is a very similar product - and having tried their Chocolate flavour a number of times, both make great choices. Swapping and changing between proteins month to month is pretty much what I do as it keeps things interesting!

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    Re:My strawberry BBingWarehouse casein review 2011/04/11 18:55:57 (permalink)
    got some strawberry landing tomorrow hopefully, cant wait!
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    Re:My strawberry BBingWarehouse casein review 2011/04/20 21:04:17 (permalink)
    Any more feedback on the strawberry?
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    Re:My strawberry BBingWarehouse casein review 2011/04/21 09:21:44 (permalink)
    does the bbw casein have added glutamine like ON? and whats their choc orange flavour like?
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    Re:My strawberry BBingWarehouse casein review 2011/04/28 03:08:40 (permalink)
    Had some BBW Strawb Casein for a few weeks, but yesterday bought some skimmed milk to try instead of water ... tonight had it with the casein .... 
    shake shake shake ... oooo dear .... it turned solid and i had to eat it with a spoon, couldnt eat it all!  Wont be doing that again but why is skimmed milk reacting so differently to water?

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