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My training routine

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2003/12/12 21:42:19 (permalink)

My training routine

Hey guys,

I thought i'd post my routine on here and ask for advice/criticims,
i don't really have anyone to ask else i would ask them (incase anyone flames me for asking on here!). I use 6x4 6 reps and 4 sets, as i was told that was a good way to do it, but how many different exercises per muscle grp, i thought 2-3?

well anyway here it is, i'd greatly appreciate any help :)

Day 1 - Chest and triceps

` Incline bench press 6x4
Decline bench press 6x4
Flat bench press 6x4

Close grip bench press 6x4
Tricep pull down (using rope attachment) 6x4
Skullcrushers 6x4

Day 3 - Legs + Shoulders
Squats 6x4
Leg curl 6x4
Leg extension 6x4

Dumbell shrugs 6x4
Military press 6x4
Front dumbell raise 6x4

Day 5 - Biceps + Back
Ez bar curl 6x4
Hammer curls 6x4

Underhand Cable Pulldowns 6x4
Bent Over Two-Arm Long Bar Row (t bar rowing i think its called) 6x4
Pullups 6x4


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    RE: My training routine 2003/12/12 23:17:03 (permalink)
    You have the basic idea... But your missing a few key points. It's not 3 exercises per bodypart, it's 3 exercises that hit NUMEROUS body parts. For example let's look at your day 1 routine:

    Incline bench press 6x4
    Decline bench press 6x4
    Flat bench press 6x4

    Close grip bench press 6x4
    Tricep pull down (using rope attachment) 6x4
    Skullcrushers 6x4

    Now say for example you cut out the 3 bottom exercises completely... Would your triceps still get worked? Yes, because your 3 chest exercises hit your front delts and your triceps as well. Now if you put those last 3 exercises in, you'd be doing 6 exercises (24 sets) for triceps and would DEFINATLY be over training. You want maybe 3-4 exercises PER DAY max...

    Your day 3 you have chose to put shoulders and legs together. Lots of people do that... But why do you need 12 sets for your shoulders? You just did 12 sets that hit your front delts on Day 1, and your triceps. So why do it again? The only logical thing to do is put your shoulders on your chest triceps day. Otherwise you will be training triceps and delts twice a week and they will be over trained. Also, you dont need all that fancy front raises and shrugs on shoulder day, all you need is overhead presses. Now you have legs by themselves. Good! Throw in abs on that day to.

    Your last day seems messed up to. Always train your back before your biceps to... Bigger muscles first. Just like I said in day 1, your over training here to. Your giving biceps, one of the smaller muscle groups, 20 sets and you expect growth? No way man... You have to understand that when your doing back your biceps get worked. And when your doing chest, your triceps get worked. The point of these shortened routines is to use large compound exercises that hit lots of muscles simultaneously.

    Also, your choices in exercises are pretty bad to. Decline, incline AND flat bench? Why not use a little variety? Front dumbbell raises are one of the most USELESS exercises ever and doing them with a heavy weight is asking for injury. Cable pulldowns are another bad exercise ESPECIALLY if you can do chin-ups/pull ups.

    Just go there and read eveyrthing and do it. That routine is the sort of routine your looking for.

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    RE: My training routine 2003/12/12 23:50:14 (permalink)
    You wont get flamed here Map.

    good advice by Genon.
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