N95 Battery Life

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2007/06/08 12:58:04 (permalink)

N95 Battery Life

I have a Nokia N95 and the battery life is pretty shocking.

I was travelling on wednesay and received 4 texts and sent two. It was fully charged and switched on at 7:20am by 4:40pm it had died. There was hardly any use of the phone. Are others having the same problem?


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    RE: N95 Battery Life 2007/06/08 13:03:01 (permalink)
    it's much better than N80 battery life. How many charging cycles has it been through? How long have you had it?
    My advice would be to let the battery die, leave it on charge over night, preferably with the phone off. Repeat this cycle 3 or 4 times, hopefully this should increase battery life.

    Also turn off any unnecessary processes when they're not being used, i.e. bluetooth, wlan scanning. If you don't use 3g, set it to use GSM network. Make the backlight go off quicker.
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    RE: N95 Battery Life 2007/06/08 13:04:18 (permalink)
    i rang orange for an upgrade they told me not to get one lol
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    RE: N95 Battery Life 2007/06/08 13:16:58 (permalink)
    Mine is a bit strange TBH , first couple of charges, I was lucky to get a day out of it

    After a couple of weeks though - it was fine , I now get about 3 days (ie ,charge the 3rd day) - with moderate / heaviy use , and it still appears to be improving every time

    I have never been one to listen blindly to science , but the science community tells us we do not need to "condition" these new types of battery
    But all anecdotal evidence suggests WE DO INDEED NEED TO CONDTION THESE BATTERIES !!

    The way I see it , we have nothing to lose by trying it anyway

    If I get a new phone - regardless of battery type I follow this procedure

    1) Charge phone for 16 hours - DO NOT turn it on till this is complete (this is the hardest part when you want to play with your "new toy"

    2) switch on and use DO NOT SWITCH PHONE OFF UNTIL IT DIES !! ....then, charge until full , then repeat this cycle AT LEAST 3 times

    .... This should give you optimum conditioning

    Where new batteries DO seem to have an advantage , is that (once conditioned) - if your charge level is half full, and you want to top up , you can and it is less likely to ruin the battery , wheras with older batteries , you could cause problems . - i.e. , the phone would start to see the battery as "empty" when it was half full etc , effectively halfing the capicity

    No, Not that Dr Z.  Please don't bother PM'ing me for 'Price Lists'  You have the wrong guy.  
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