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Natural Testosterone Boosters

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Re:Natural Testosterone Boosters 2009/08/28 21:35:27 (permalink)
Ive used tribulus before notice no difference tbh.

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Re:Natural Testosterone Boosters 2009/08/29 17:54:27 (permalink)

Hey thai, im taking gaspari im taking 3 tabs a day, only 2 weeks till in spain for 6 weeks and i wanna just finish my cut using mitatropin, and maintain some strength maybe even gain was thinkingof doing 4 tabs of the novedex for next 2 weeks what you think mate

I've done that before - when I did it the first time (used Novedex twice, both for 8 weeks at a time) I:

- set up an excel spreadsheet
- emptied all the caps out of 2 tubs and counted them so I'd know exactly how many I had
- put the spreadsheet together starting and ending on 1 cap for about 3-4 days at the begining / end of the cycle
- went up to 4 caps pre-bed for about 7 days in the middle (with periods of 1, 2 & 3 caps before & after)


Week 1: 1 cap
Week 2: 2 caps
Week 3: 3 caps
Week 4: 4 caps
Week 5: 3 cap
Week 6: 2 caps
Week 7: 1 caps

It was more complicated but I think I got better results doing that than just sticking to the standard "2 caps before bed" recommendation they give you normally.

Have a see - I don't think you'll see any downsides from 3/4 caps, the first one to come on would be sore joints anyways (always is for me lol!), so if that happens drop down to 2 caps and / or increase your intake of fish oils and increase your rep range so you're not using as heavy a weight :)

Hope that helps!

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Re:Natural Testosterone Boosters 2009/08/29 17:59:31 (permalink)
cool i have been taking 3 caps at the mo for about 7 days been taking at night with about 6 grams of gaba, also using the mitatropin but strength has increased on one arm shoulder press and lying cable press,  might be pyschological but seem to wanna lift heavier lol i always train with 12 rep range and lift as heavy as possible.

maybe carry on with 3 then do 4 a day for 7 days after that give it ago
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Re:Natural Testosterone Boosters 2009/09/02 17:59:18 (permalink)

I would disagree strongly with PartyBoy. Do a search on test boosters and you will find many reporting satisfactory gains in muscle, strength, libido, as well as reducing fat loss.

For a comprehensive article on test boosters and the value of the nutrients composed in them see below:


Unfortunately, one thing I have noticed is many steroid users blame their inability to make appreciable gains in performance on lack of steroid use as opposed to poor diet, training, and supplementation. With a correctly integrated diet and trainign program I believe naturals can easily compete with the vast majority of drug users you see in gyms except at the elite levels.

Agreed! There are quite a few people who have logged PCT Assist and have reported increased aggression/strength, libido,  endurance and lean mass....noy to metion a few that have gotten blood work pre and post with nice increases
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