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Nearly 30 year old Fat @ss needs help

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2011/03/12 18:00:21 (permalink)

Nearly 30 year old Fat @ss needs help

Hi people

After looking at recent photos of myself, I have decided enough is enough.  Im 30 at the end of the year and I look like sh*t already.  I am six feet tall and weight around sixteen stone (234lbs).   Smoking and bad food are my worst vices.  I don't drink beer that much...

I have had a gym membership for a very long time but haven't been for months... The clueless trainers there just seem to stick me on Cardio Workouts (ie treadmill, cross trainer) and I hate all that bullsh*t.  It's just not for me and nothing seems to work.

I have decided to forget their workout and get myself back the gym on Monday and hit the weights instead.  Maybe use free weights for starters etc.  And maybe mix it with a little cardio after lifting?  Any workout plans you can point me towards?  

I have just noticed the following thread and will give it a look in a sec.

Also is it OK to train each muscle type three times a week if I am a "Beginner".  What about Protein shakes etc?  Should I give them a go as well?

All advice welcome guys (and girls)


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    Re:Nearly 30 year old Fat @ss needs help 2011/03/12 18:30:43 (permalink)
    Hello mate, with regards to training each muscle group 3 times a week this will depend on the volume you are hitting them, I currently use a full body routine which hits the major muscle groups 3 times a week but only working each muscle with 1  excercise per session e.g
                       Bench press
    Personally I would look at something like this if your a beginner concentrating on compound moves to increase your overall strength, this will give you a good base on which to build, you could then add in some isolations to the areas you want to pay particular attention to.
    Post your diet up in the relevent section with your goals and you,ll get plenty of pointers with where to improve and yes a decent whey protein would be a good investment!
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    Re:Nearly 30 year old Fat @ss needs help 2011/03/13 13:22:32 (permalink)
    Nice one mate, your workout sounds like the kinda plan I would follow.

    When I am dieting (to lose fat), I would usually follow a regime like this:

    Breckie: Bran Flakes, skimmed milk.

    Mid Morning Snack: Fruit

    Lunch: Tuna salad, no dressing

    Afternoon Snack: More fruit / low fat yogurt

    Evening Meal: Boiled chicken and Veg.

    I try and avoid pasta and stuff,

    All advice welcome as always.

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    Re:Nearly 30 year old Fat @ss needs help 2011/03/13 14:11:08 (permalink)
    ^^^I'll be honest mate, your diet needs working on, I'd take a look in the diet section and place a post'll need a lot more protein especially from morning to lunch, you'll get sound advice in there..

    You've done something very positive already, if you can get your diet(food intake not diet!)sorted, then to be honest you'll be 70% there - it really is 'that' important!

    Thought about a push/pull/legs routine? That'll be working out three times a week for an hour at a time and maybe throw in a couple of cardio sessions on the non weights days...because you're new to training I'd attempt to try and build some muscle with resistance training and lose fat at the same time...get your metabolism up and firing through training and you'll see results in no time...but that diet is crucial!!
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    Re:Nearly 30 year old Fat @ss needs help 2011/03/14 10:41:16 (permalink)
    Diet is essential as the other guys have said. Also make sure you have the main compound exercises in your routine as well as fitting in some short HIIT sessions. As you're a beginner I wouldn't start off lifting heavy weights, get 10-12 reps in per set and work out what weights you can do and try different exercises and see which work best. 

    Remember though that without eating healthy, you won't achieve your goals. Get plenty of meat, fish, veg and water inside you and in a few months hopefully you'll start seeing results. :)
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