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Need Advice on 1st PH Cycle

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2014/10/04 19:50:36 (permalink)

Need Advice on 1st PH Cycle

Hi, another newbie question sorry.  I’ve taken in a lot of useful info from here and planning to start my first PH cycle after a small cut (Any input/advice would be much appreciated!)
Quick Background:
Turning 24 soon
BodyFat 20%, 78.5kg / 173lb, 5ft9.5inch
Been training 4years,  been on and off first 3 years due to working abroad and other commitments at times
Goal: Recomp-More emphasis on gaining lean size and lose a small % Bodyfat
From reading up I’m leaning towards Hdrol as my first PH
(Any other comments about Epistane, or even cynostane,androtest would be helpful)
Hawthorne Berry & Milk Thistle 
ON-CYCLE 5week
Hdrol 50/75/75/75/75/75
Cycle assist or Organ shield,
Joint support + Fish oil + Taurine

PCT 5week
Nolva (Tamoxifen Citrate) 20/20/20/10/10
Erase Pro
Lean/Activate Xtreme
Natural test booster

Could I start my cycle on 20% bodyfat or should I try cut down first (I don’t really want to as I tend to lose gains alot but if it’s a must I will) 
As Hdrol doesn’t aromatise would there be much estrogen in my body?, But would there be an increased likelihood of estrogen related sides at a high 20% bodyfat.

***OnCycle Questions***
1)     Would Hdrol be an ideal choice as a beginner, as there are some non-responders to Epi
How is my Hdrol dosage and should be run 5 or 6weeks?
2)     Due to the high recovery, should I bother taking rest days or have ½ cardio days as my rest instead?
3)     Due to the high test could I workout for upto say 2hours max (can only workout once a day), would my test levels remain high through a long period or should I keep them short-1hrmax?
4)     For training it’s suggested to keep volume high at a max 4set12rep range upping the weight only then
5)     What is a legit Hdrol brand you can recommend? I’m from the UK so a legit site for me is
-       >Halodrol from FUSION SUPPLEMENTS (4-chloro-17a-methyl-andro-4-ene3,17bdiol)
-       >Halovar from  PURUS LABS (4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1, 4-diene-3-17b-diol + Insulin Mimetic)
-       >Helladrol from  NEED TO BUILD MUSCLE (4-chloro-17a-methyl-androsta-1,4-diene-3, 17-diol)
Or are most logged Hdrols here are legit and I should pick the best value for money??
***PCT Questions***
1)     Should I run my PCT the same as my PH cycle (6weeks), meaning running my Nolva for 6weeks or tapering it off near the end?
2)     If I start seeing 1st sign of gyno or a major shrinking of testes, should I run nolva 20mg for 5days whilst running Hdrol? As this would make an impact on gains should I look into an AI?
3)     For my PCT I’ll need a lot of Nolva tablets, I’ve looked at for Tamoxfen citrate, are these prices pretty standard?
-       >Genox (Tamoxifen Citrate): £30 - 20mg (100 Tablets)
-       >Cytotam (Tamoxifen Citrate):  £50 - 20mg (100 Tablets)
4)     For PCT training it’s been suggested a lower rep high weight session, I’m guessing this should be short to reduce cortisol??, ran with more recovery days??  maintain almost as much calories on cycle to keep muscle gains but not gain excess fat?

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    Re: Need Advice on 1st PH Cycle 2014/10/04 21:37:12 (permalink)
    I'd drop all those support supps personally, you don't need them and they don't do much anyway. Just take the halo and then nolva, maybe keep the taurine if cramps get too bad but I doubt it'll be necessary at those dosages.
    You won't have practically any estrogen in you at all during the cycle.
    Halo at that dose is fine for a first time IMHO.
    Take the rest you find you need, I find steroids don't improve recovery as much as people think, but you'll see for yourself. Most orals taken alone tend to make you lethargic which kinda makes it more difficult to be in the gym all the time.
    You won't have high test, you'll have zero test. Hdrol, like any anabolic steroid, will shut down your testosterone production. All you'll have is the halodrol. You could open a whole new thread to discuss training variables but there is no problem with training for two hours and yes, I recommend keeping volume high.
    I think the best brand of designers out there is Dragon Nutrition. If I was gonna use halo I'd probably go with Hard Rock Supplements though, much better deal. Of the three you mention I've heard good reviews of helladrol, don't know about the other two. 
    PCT seems fine too. I wouldn't mind running it a bit longer but a 6 week cycle isn't that hard to recover from.
    Use the nolva during cycle if you notice gyno, but that's very unlikely to happen. Forget the testes, they will stop working and shrink, there's nothing you can do about it except jabbing HCG during the cycle. Just do your PCT and they'll get back to normal afterwards.
    I'd just keep training hard during PCT. You may need to ease off as fatigue builds up but try to keep the overall workload as high as you can. The harder you push yourself the better you keep your gains, never the other way around. You don't grow more from training less, doesn't work that way even though some magazine/internet fads say otherwise.
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    Re: Need Advice on 1st PH Cycle 2014/10/05 09:49:08 (permalink)
    Another good post mate.
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    Re: Need Advice on 1st PH Cycle 2014/10/05 19:15:51 (permalink)
    Yh you're right that was a good post thanks for the advice!
    1)I've read you can gain 7-10lb lean muscle mass while at the same time losing 2-4% bodyfat during a 5week Hdrol cycle. Is this possible?
    I like the mass I have on and would be great to lower my bodyfat to 16/15% whilst making some lean gains

    2)Training advice sounds solid with what I've read thanks

    3) So plan is
    6week cycle Hdrol 75/75/75/75/75/100
    4week PCT Nolva 20/20/10/10
    Is that long enough PCT for a 6wk cycle? and I'll continue with natural testbooster

    4)Trying to find some solid info when encountering gyno
    If I encounter any gyno, what exactly do I do with the letro
    so I take it for a few days (dose?) whilst taking Hdrol or stop Hdrol take letro and then start Nolva PCT?
    5) My Hdrol supply from the UK, the legit sites I have are: &
    -Halodrol from FUSION SUPPLEMENTS
    -Halovar from PURUS LABS
    -Helladrol from NEED TO BUILD MUSCLE
    -Pro-Halo from Dragon Nutrition
    These two are dosed 50mg per tab so doesnt leave much flexibility with dosing
    -Halo-Plex Xtreme from HARD ROCK SUPPLEMENTS
    -Nova Halodrolfrom NOVACHARGE
    I can go on amazon for reputable brands like celltic, LG labs, Olympus but don't know if that's the legit bottle or someone scamming
    5)So could you recommend any of the above or recommend a legit distributer on
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    Re: Need Advice on 1st PH Cycle 2014/10/05 20:30:17 (permalink)
    Gains are highly variable, depends on how you react to the drug, on how advanced you are (if you're smaller gaining muscle is easier, is you're fat burning fat is easier), on your genetics, on how good your training, diet an rest are, etc.
    10lbs of muscle at your level is doable with halo IMHO, fat loss will be mostly down to calories but of course if you gain 10lbs of muscle and lose a lot of fat your bodyweight may not increase much at all, but you'll still look a lot better.
    I'd keep the nolva the way you laid it ou the first time, 20/20/20/10/10. Since I normally buy nolva in tubs of 50x20mg I'd just take one a day until I ran out, so about 7 weeks at 20mg, but with PCT I'd rather do too much than not enough. Don't bother with "natty test boosters", they don't really work. Save your money or if you wanna be extra careful just do as I'd do and take the nolva for longer. That actually does work.
    Don't take letro with halo. Halo does not aromatise. Letro, adex, aromasin, ATD, none of them will do anything on a halo only cycle. If you do get gyno from halo it'll be from something other than excessive aromatization (there may be other pathways to gyno that explain why sometimes people get them from non-estrogenic steroids, but they're not really known), and what you should take then is a SERM, like nolva. If it happens you can take it during the cycle unless it keeps getting worse despite the nolva, then of course stop all steroids. But like I said gyno from halodrol is highly unlikely.
    I usually buy from JW myself. You can do 75mg/day with 50mg tabs by simply taking one with breakfast and one with dinner one day, and then one with lunch the next. That's 150mg in two days more or less evenly spaced out.
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    Re: Need Advice on 1st PH Cycle 2014/10/06 21:31:50 (permalink)
    We always welcome customers. :-) Good advice from Uriel all around. Consider running a longer PCT. I do 40/20/20/10/10/5/5/5
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