Need Help w/ New Routine

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2004/03/02 00:47:04 (permalink)

Need Help w/ New Routine

I am posting my current routine, but I am tired of it, so I would like you guys to look at it and then construct a new one for me...I would like a distinct change from my current one.

Monday: Chest/Shoulders/Tri's
Flat Bench 4x6
Incline Bench 3x8
Weighted Dips 3x8
Military Press 3x8
Barbell Shrugs 3x8
Close Grip Bench 3x8
Skullcrushers 3x8

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Legs
Squat 4x6
Leg Press 3x8
Stiff Legged Deads 3x8
Leg Curls 3x8
Calf Raises 4x8

Thursday: Off

Friday: Back/Bi's
Deadlifts 4x6
Wide Grip Pullups(weighted) 2x8
Close grip Chins(weighted) 2x8
One arm DB row 3x8
Barbell Curls 3x8
Hammer curls 3x6

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    RE: Need Help w/ New Routine 2004/03/02 05:15:14 (permalink)
    why not try the one mb gave to me. I have been doing it for a week, and it seems to work nicely. I'm allready seeing gains. Try the 4x6 or 5x5 reps, to bulk up. Here it is, perhaps one of the more experienced folk will give you one more suited for you, but i will give it a go :)

    Dumbbell Rows (can use barbell, or do wide-grip Chinups instead)
    Dumbbell Curls (can use barbell, or do close-grip Chinups instead)

    Barbell Bench Press (can use dumbbells or do wide-grip Dips instead)
    Barbell Shoulder Press (can use dumbbells)
    Close-Grip Bench Press (can use Skullcrushers or Tricep Dips

    Back Squats (can use Front Squats instead)
    Calf Raises

    hope this helps,

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    RE: Need Help w/ New Routine 2004/03/02 05:31:23 (permalink)
    LOL I didn't design the routine as such so I don't want to take credit. It's based on what Frankie NY recommends, and it is just a personal variation of it.
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    RE: Need Help w/ New Routine 2004/03/02 05:44:35 (permalink)
    Alex, that's way too much volume. Check FrankieNY's routine.
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