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Need To lose 5 Stone By Summer

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2012/01/13 22:45:31 (permalink)

Need To lose 5 Stone By Summer

Im 6 ft and weigh 19st 10lb, i want to lose 5 stone by summer.
Is this possible?
What supplements or shakes sould i take?
Can you help me with a intense workout and very strict diet?

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    Re:Need To lose 5 Stone By Summer 2012/01/13 22:53:03 (permalink)
    5 Stone is an extreme amount to lose in what time (6 months roughly).
    Would be a severe deficit.  If your body fat is very high perhaps have a look at Lyle McDonald's Rapid Weight Loss
    That's a very hard diet, not ideal IMO but gets results.
    If you want to take a slower approach (which is what i'd do) Take the next few weeks to find your maintenance calorie amount and just eat less than that.
    If you've any questions or anything, PM me.
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    Re:Need To lose 5 Stone By Summer 2012/01/14 00:05:49 (permalink)
    I lost 4 stone in 6 months.
    It can be done but its really hard.
    I dont like to say i went on a 'diet' i like to think i ae normally but chaged my lifestyle. As soon as the word 'diet' comes into the equasion for a lot of people it becomes a chore.
    I cut out beer, starchy foods, fizzy pop and crisps (amongst other stuff)
    I ate high protein and i ate with 2 things in mind
    1. Its ok to only put half the work in if you dont mind geting half the results.
    2. If it grows eat it! If not leave it!
    I have a treat, i call it Fat Friday, i dont go mad but i let myself have diet coke, a bag of quavers at work. i have a takeaway if i feel like it too but then thats it.
    Im pretty much just doing weights now but i was doing weights and cardio on opposite days back when i was losing weight faster. I found interval training on the bike best, i took Thermobol which did work but it wont work on its own.
    You can drop loads of weight by lifting to, more calories can be burned from lifting weights. Obviously if you do 5 reps and go home it doesnt work like that.
    Train hard, eat well, keep yourself hydrated with water.
    As for supps, i only used Thermobol and Whey at the start, then i went onto pure caffiene tabs. Im looking at CLAs at the minute because i need to shift a stone and its getting hard work now. Getting mixed reviews from them
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    Re:Need To lose 5 Stone By Summer 2012/01/14 00:23:44 (permalink)
    Hi Jorden,
    Congrats on your goal. You can absolutely do it!
    I would start off very simple -
    1. Keep a food diary each day so you know what's going in and out. Research shows the most successful weight loss happens when you're more aware of quantity and quality of the food going in.
    2. Pick one thing you think will make the most difference to your weight loss goal and start on it right away - e.g. eating 5+ veges a day, eating a lean protein with every meal, cutting out sugar etc. 
    3. Aim to change 1 habit every week and add a new 1 each week - don't try and change everything all at once.
    4. Decide on how many minutes per week you can exercise and keep a log of it. I recommend you do some movement every day - it doesn't need to be hard out strenuous, it's about building the habit and your body awareness (as in, you're more likely to make good food choices when you've just been for a big walk and don't want to ruin all your effort!)

    5. Keep accountable to someone / something / lots of things! Forums like these ones are great. Ask for support and help - we all need it!

    Remember that it will get easier over time so don't get discouraged if you don't get an instant change - you have a long journey ahead, but it's absolutely achievable one step at a time and the best time to start is now.
    All the best and if I can help specifically in any way, please let me know.
    You can do it!
    Good luck!
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    Re:Need To lose 5 Stone By Summer 2012/01/14 08:27:03 (permalink)
    Very good advice from Kat.


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    Re:Need To lose 5 Stone By Summer 2012/01/14 08:29:43 (permalink)
    It's completely doable.
    5 years ago I lost 5st 7lbs in a little over 7 months(with a 3 week maintenance in the middle)
    All the advice KatMiller has given is fantastic.
    PM me any time
    Good Luck , you can do this
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    Re:Need To lose 5 Stone By Summer 2012/01/15 00:07:02 (permalink)
    It's achievable and even if you don't hit five, if you're aiming for it and are committed then you'll come close and still look great.
    At the weight you're at now it should initially drop off with just a simple drop in calories and moderate exercise so I'd ramp in to the regime, save the more extreme cardio and calorie reduction for a little later rather than starting off at full pelt - it will be less of a shock to the system and as you see the initial results that will motivate you further in to sticking to the more extreme exercise/diet. 
    This will sound controversial to many here.....but don't over complicate things - you don't need to record everything you eat, you don't have to analyse the macro and micro nutrients of everything you're going to eat, this isn't rocket science but many people make it so by over analysing and if you're going in to so much detail and analysing too much then it can become very frustrating and monotonous especially if things initially don't go as fast as you'd like. 
    Eat clean, high protein, low fats and carbs and lots and lots of fresh vegetables along with a lot of exercise and you'll get there and look great and don't forget to have a cheat day every now and then to reward yourself - nail the psychology and you'll nail the weight loss.
    Good luck :)
    The Truth
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    Re:Need To lose 5 Stone By Summer 2012/01/15 01:46:30 (permalink)
    I disagree and think you should track cals, use the free site/app my fitness pal. Macro nutrients are key, even if you are under eating and losing weight you need to keep a high protein % otherwise you will lose lean mass which will effect your resting metabolic rate. You thought about cheating with meds?? Eph and caffeine safe as long as you dont suffer with bp
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    Re:Need To lose 5 Stone By Summer 2012/01/15 03:09:30 (permalink)
    Will be hard, but can be done.
    PSMF as liddy stated will def get this done but I agree you won't have to go this extreme. 
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    Re:Need To lose 5 Stone By Summer 2012/01/16 14:28:38 (permalink)
    Id have to agree. I personally think it is not neccessary in counting cals at your stage. Just do what Robbie has said with a clean diet and exercise programme and the weight will initially come off very quickly. It is at the inevitable stage when you start to level off and the weight loss slows that you then may need to consider specifics but at this stage just clean everything off.
    If you are more inclined to what " The Truth " has suggested find your maintenance calorie which is easy to you and eat between 500-750 cals under that.
    Although your diet is the primary focus here, in order to lose the weight in the time you have suggested will need to do a lot of training. You have not really mentioned in our OP what type of training you are currently undertaking. Dont use meds if you are a beginner thats one point I will make.
    A combination of HIT/SSC first thing in the morning 5 days a week if you can manage it il shift fat.
    Also might be a good idea to post up your current routine so you can get some help with that as well
    Hope that helps
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