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Needing some advice on albuterol/T4/Test cycle

Hi guys,
I've taken clen before when I was in heavy fat loss mode and I didn't mind too much about muscle loss. Now I have built a solid build of muscle I want to keep as much of it as possible.
So after some research I decided to not use clen, but albuterol and T4, but I was wondering if some test on the side will help me keep the muscle I have built. I've heard of a few people using Winstrone with Albuterol/T4 but I haven't seen many replies in another forum.
So my plan was to be:
-Week1: 4mg (Monday) then amping up to 16mg (Thursday) per day
-Week2: 16mg per day
-Week3: 16mg per day
-Week4: 16mg then dropping it to 4mg or day, or I might not even taper off at all.
Only thing is, I don't know where the T4 will fit into all of this. If anyone can give me advice or point me to more stuff to read I'd be grateful. Also if you can let me know whether the need for something like test or Win is needed to keep my muscle mass here
My Stats:
Age: 25
Weight: 16stones
B.Fat: 17%~ (Ideally I would like to be 13%-ish with the first cycle)
My diet is good. I know what I eat and how to eat and I am slowly tapering off my carbs each week from bulking. It's rich with chicken, salads, greens and other veggies. I am staying away from potatoes, pasta but still include cous cous and bread and oats as my carbs. When I go on the albuterol I will probably cut out all carbs except for morning oats and post workout. I also have taken clen, as noted before and SD Matrix and have finished my cycles perfectly well with those
I train 5 days a week: Chest, legs, back, shoulders, core and arms. I also do yoga, so I am fairly active. My cardio consists of 30 mins on the stair climber on a HIIT style random mode at level 8 of 12 (I know I might need to tone it down as the albuterol will affect my heart). 
My lifts aren't great: Bench = 120kgs x 6 reps x 4 sets, deads = 210kgs @ 6 reps x 4 sets and squats are 140 @ 4 reps x 6 sets (I have a chronic knee injury hence low reps and more sets) I also supplement this with a good set of assistance moves shuch as military press, wide variety of pullups, lunges, skull crushers, etc.
Let me know if you need anymore info! Thanks very much
(ps, I didn't know I took albuterol for years as I did have asthma when I was like 5, crazy!)
(pps, I also have a trip to Portugal in late June, so that will be my time frame)
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