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Negative Reps!!

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2006/07/07 14:22:28 (permalink)

Negative Reps!!

Negative Reps;

No, im not talking about holiday representatives with bad attitudes!

When i train, let's say bi-curlz for example, i do kind of negative reps automatically anyway. Well, i dont lower the weight REALLY really slowly, but i do let it down in a very slow and controlled way, so i believe im getting some negatives in there too.

Is this bad? shall i put down faster before each lift? Im trying to bulk up mass, so heard from someone that negatives reps should be avoived.

Im happy as i am, but thought it worth a mention in case i should stop.

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    RE: Negative Reps!! 2006/07/07 14:29:07 (permalink)
    They arn't really negative reps,controlling the weight down is a good thing but no need to go over board.

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    RE: Negative Reps!! 2006/07/07 14:36:14 (permalink)
    For negatives you use more weight when lowering the bar than you could when raising it.

    ie say you could bench 70kg, to do a negative you could use 80kg then lower it slowly down to your chest then your training partner would help you lift it back to the top and repeat.

    I think thats the simplest way I can explain it.
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    RE: Negative Reps!! 2006/07/07 15:58:24 (permalink)
    As trebor says, its good to control the descent but concentrating on it too much could be robbing you of vital energy/ strength for the lifting phase, and seen as though your not doing 'traditional' negatives then i wouldnt worry about it too much. I always make sure my last rep is a slow negative as this is the one that usually is performed with bad technique cause your knackered!
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